Samsung Galaxy touch 3: the supposed SIM card debacle

As of today, the Samsung Galaxy to go note 3 (detailed report) in Europe at the start. At most stores, this is still not the case, but for a rogue SIM cards makes the round debacle. Then from lock cards delivered Smartphones that have been manufactured from end of July 2013, with a SIM and a corresponding warning: ” this product is compatible […] only with a SIM card of a mobile operator from the following countries “. But what’s behind it?

It is not a local SIM card lock, as is often reported in the Internet the the Samsung Galaxy touch 3 (also: note 2, S4, S4 mini) applies in the sense that for example a grade 3 only with an EU SIM card could be operated. Rather, an EU device only in the EU must be enabled, but then can be operated without any more problems with another SIM card for roaming. The typical holiday scenario of purchase of a prepaid SIM for pure surfing remains so still no problem. Also can not-enabled Samsung smartphones are unlocked free local service partners abroad (a detailed statement that you read on


This news so may be not schlehten messages for 99.9% of users, because most smartphones, purchased in the EU, for example, be used there as well. Enabled devices can be used also with foreign SIM cards. So must put into perspective the great excitement about a rogue SIM-card debacle, especially since most long devices with this regional lock in the circulation are. But ask you still have: why does a Samsung such involved actually long are cell phone history, suddenly?