Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Specs

Samsung Galaxy touch – that is the epitome of the so-called Phablets (smartphones with more than 5 ″ screen diagonal). With the note series, Samsung has introduced this new product category that serve all manufacturers. The Samsung Galaxy touch 3 put the round, note 2 almost already child-like forms of the predecessor of Galaxy and operated with an adult business look a whole new Kundenstamm.Das grown 5.7 ″ display with full HD is like in the previous a super AMOLED display with bold colours and superb contrast. Thanks to the now higher resolution pixel density in the Samsung Galaxy is rated 3 very high (386 DPI). Thus, the Smartphone is playing at the top and pulls right now with the strong competition from the House of Sony (Sony Xperia Z ultra). The image in this article shows even the Samsung Galaxy S2 – we repair, once official pictures of the grade 3 appear.

Design and optics

Despite of the larger display (5,7 ″ instead of 5.55 ″) is the new touch become thinner (8, 3 mm instead of 9, 4 mm) and lighter (168 g instead of 180 g). Unfortunately, the front made of polycarbonate, but looks like brushed aluminum. The back is equipped with a non-slip artificial leather cover – that gives a wonderfully serious business look and it fits easily in the hand.

Very positive notice also that Samsung still removable can be the battery door. So, you can easily exchange the battery great by the way, with 3200 mAh when it is no longer sufficient. The Samsung Galaxy touch 3 will be available in black, white and pink – so that the last version for Lady’s handbag is ideal, because in trouser pockets the Galaxy due to size not so well fit note 3.

Hardware and equipment

Hardwaretechnisch means don’t make a mess there but pads: 2.3 GHz quad-core processor (Snapdragon 800 chipset), lavishly large 3 gb memory and optional 32 gb or 64 gb internal memory (+ micro-SD card slot). Of course even LTE is available in the quick version of LTE Cat4 A maximum of 150 Mbps speed (what is LTE-A?).

By the way, there will be also another version of the Samsung Galaxy with a Samsung Octacore note 3 processor and LTE – it is however believed that this Smartphone in Germany will not appear. The very powerful Snapdragon 800 will titillate us version with LTE!

As special treat it as E.g. at the HTC one infrared sensor with the note 3 as a remote control to use the Samsung Galaxy for the home TV or HiFi receiver. For fast data transfer to compatible PCs, the Galaxy is equipped touch 3 with a USB 3.0 port – a corresponding cable to the large PC-USB 3.0 port is included according to Samsung.

Camera – 13 megapixel and 4 K video

Although the camera at the so-called Phablets is mostly no important, there is the Samsung Galaxy touch 3 whopping 13 megapixel. Thanks to the powerful chipset, it is also possible to record resolution not only in full-HD videos but also with 4 K camera resolution – i.e. insane 4096 × 2304 pixels. Thus the Samsung Galaxy S2 note 3 in addition to the Acer liquid is the first Smartphone with 4 K video recording.

But is it really useful? I don’t think, because apart from the fact that there is hardly any TV, the 4 K at all can represent, the sensors that plug into smartphones, are still very small. The quality of the videos will accordingly does not significantly improve. For the consumed storage capacity will increase but at the same time enormously, so in my opinion 4K-Videoaufnahme is currently just a marketing ploy. It really needs no one, but it shows impressive, what the technology of Samsung Galaxy is rated 3 able to.

Android 4.3 and S-pen features

The Samsung Galaxy touch 3 not only looks like a business Notepad, it is also one. The predecessors places Samsung as the stylus “ S pen ” in and bought Android via the hotel’s own TouchWiz interface some pin functions, which must be note 3 as suitable for everyday use in the Samsung Galaxy. The S-pen is stowed directly below right next to the home button in the device and can be removed if necessary. Android version is preinstalled 4.3. by the way,

More S-pen features can watch you in the video below the article. There, the features such as scrapbook or action memo are briefly presented. Particularly interesting is the multi-tasking skill of the Samsung Galaxy touch 3 probably – you can do true multitasking with two Windows thanks to the large screen and fast hardware, parallel running two apps (such as Messenger and E-Mail program) and even content from a window in the other draw.

Availability and price

So far is not yet known when the Samsung Galaxy touch 3 in Germany will be available. Given the current Smartphone I reckon glut with a release in September of this year (it says on September 25th). Price, the Samsung Galaxy will move note 3, like its predecessors in the high-end area. Who cares for the Samsung Galaxy touch 3 and the S-pen do without, can itself also the technically very similar and already available Sony Xperia Z ultra watch, which with 6.44 ″ display currently size Phablet.

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