Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Arrives in Brazil

On the night of today (04/11) the Samsung has presented to the brazilian market, the Galaxy Note 4, the new generation of smartphones to the big screen with a sophisticated design and enhanced features that allow the user to perform daily tasks more simple and productive.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Arrives in Brazil


– Screen Quad HD Super AMOLED 5.7-inch, considered the best in the market, reproducing images with much more clarity and vibrant colors even under the sun light;

– Feature multiscreen improved that allows you to choose between full screen mode, split or pop-up, in addition to easily change the size and placement of the windows, using only intuitive gestures;

– Rear camera with 16 MP, has optical image stabilizer smart that balances camera shake and automatically increases the exposure time in low-light environments to avoid photos blurry.

– The lens of the front camera of 3.7 MP has comprehensive opening angle of 90 degrees, but if you want to take a selfie broader, with all of the friends framed, the appeal Selfie, Panoramic capture image up to 120 degrees;

– The improved S Pen now acts as the main tool of the instrument with new features, multitasking how to cut, mouse, or even a real pen, thanks to their sensitivity and precision in writing;

– The feature Photo Note turns photos taken of the paper or blackboard in images into editable S Note, creating more of a way to make your notes, in addition to the traditional typing and writing on the screen;

– Stylish modern Design with metal structure premium, and curvature that combines fully with the screen. The back cover has a texture very similar to leather and allows a footprint comfortable.

– The Loading Ultrafast and Power-Saving Mode ensure that the user does not run out of battery when you most need it;

– 3 microphones allow the voice recorder provides 8 voice tags directional and isolate voices specific in a group conversation.

See more images of the device in the gallery below:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with Android 4.4 and will be available in the whole of Brazil, from 08 of November, in the colors black and white, with a suggested price of R$2.899,00.