Samsung Galaxy S3: Full-HD display with 4.8-inch?

, The rumor mill to the Samsung Galaxy S3 bubbling once again firmly. We want to share with of course the new rumors about the hardware of the new Samsung smartphones you. Although presented the Android Smartphone with ice cream sandwich (Android 4.0) not at the MWC in Barcelona, but repeatedly leaked new alleged facts to the hardware. The latest rumor says that the Smartphone has a 4.8 ″ screen with incredible resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, so full-HD, as we know it otherwise by the local television with some ten diagonal. This would be an incredible pixel density of 458 DPI and would derate anyway sechon very sharp iPhone 4 display, at least on paper (326 DPI). Whether the rumors are true? I think it very unlikely, especially since such displays are very expensive and bring no added value, because the human eye is already at about ~ 300 DPI no single pixel more can be perceived.