Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Samsung Galaxy touch 2

The Samsung Galaxy touch 2 looks like a bigger Samsung Galaxy S3, technically, a lot has changed under the hood but. In particular the huge 5.5 ″ display represents the 4.8 ″ display of the Galaxy S3 in all imaginable categories in the shadow (except DPI). In addition, the quad-core is clocked faster than with the Samsung Galaxy S3 200 MHz and the memory also has a gigabyte.

Also thanks to the Samsung Galaxy has grown opportunities (operation with the S-pen) and the new Android version 4.1 Jellybean note 2 goes some advantages over the Galaxy S3, although with Android 4.1 lost the Flash support. One must also keep in mind that 5.5 ″ diagonal are really great and are not well-tolerated with each hand or Pocket. Already a new product category was not in vain for such a big Smartphones called “ Phablet ” (Tablet + Smartphone) introduced, the sheer size of tries in words to include.