Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Waterproof Test

A real outdoor smart phone is the Samsung Galaxy S4 active definitely not, but still the Smartphone provides significantly more protection than the standard version without the addition “ active ”. It is a Smartphone ideal for all users who need like more protection, but not the Komforrt of a high-end Smartphones do without, so ideal for athletes or beach vacationers who want to have no fear for your Smartphone, if it will look wet or sandy.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 active has

processor, 2 gb RAM, 16 gb internal memory and large full-HD display with 5 more or less like the Samsung Galaxy S4, so a powerful quad-core ″ diagonal. Only the housing and the display has been modified at the Galaxy S4 active. It’s no longer an AMOLED display, but a conventional LCD display that can wait to but also with high quality and will be sure his fans due to his more natural colour reproduction. Otherwise something more robust than with the Samsung Galaxy S4 has the housing and is officially certified to IP67, i.e. it is protected against water and dust. You do even underwater photos up to a depth of one meter. This makes the Samsung Galaxy S4 active of course for the holiday on the beach and sports – death of the Smartphones due to moisture, dust or welding should be so bent-over. By the way, the phenomenon of the high-end smartphones without any restrictions with outdoor qualities is not unique: the Sony Xperia is also dust – and waterproof Z and a good alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S4 active.