Samsung Galaxy S4 mini: the S4 for all?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is one of the Smartphones, which are more or less a remake of the great high-end smartphones and doing a little smaller. Relative to the large Samsung Galaxy S4 is the Smartphone with the addition “ mini ” also quite compact, but with a 4.3 ″ display it now not necessarily falls in the category, one would expect the name. Equipment is perhaps “ mini ”? Also has a shrinking electorate behind him though and you must accept some concessions when compared to the large Samsung Galaxy S4, but this does not deserve the name. Rather the Galaxy S4 mini is simply an S4 without bells and whistles, a Smartphone for the masses for a price of just over 400,-€.

Optical mini only in the size of the Galaxy S4 differs from the normal S4: Unfortunately, Samsung sets back on shiny plastic housing material. This remains the Smartphone with 103 g weight very easy and thus has a very low radiation value (SAR) with 0.32 W / kg. The Super-AMOLED display of the Smartphones resolves with rock-solid 960 × 540 pixels. So it reaches a sharpness that is not quite the “ retina ” corresponds to standard from the Apple iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, but still enough resolution for a very pleasant service. Ensures also the 1.7 GHz dual-core processor and 1.5 gb memory, the Android 4.2.2 (with Samsung’s Touchwiz interface) liquid power. NFC, HSPA +, and NFC are also installed. Only the small 8 gb internal memory will be fast to the cloven hoof, because in the latest versions of Android apps can be no more outsourced on a SD card. When the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini can be while insert an SD card to extend the memory (up to 64 gb), but this is only for media files, not for apps. All in all is the Galaxy S4 mini a Smartphone without true highlights, which will be available shortly at bridgat shop. Who wants a little more internal memory and a sleeker body, should urgently the Motorola RAZR look i or the HTC one S to have even cheaper is.