Samsung Galaxy S5: Android Smartphone from carbon?

The use of high-quality materials in smartphones is nothing new, even Kevlar came for Motorola at the Motorola RAZR i (back) to use. Now Samsung to turn away from the ubiquitous polycarbonate seems to dare, for which the company from Korea must constantly insert criticism. A collaboration with the SGL group – a company which specialises in the production of carbon – could suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S5 not only made of plastic, but also of carbon could be.

Carbon is a particularly resistant and at the same time lightweight material. E.g. in the racing car parts used for, which should be particularly easy or in aircraft construction. Samsung has formed a joint venture with SGL Group (“ Samsung SGL Carbon composite material ”), so that large amount of carbon fibers Samsung in the production are available. Whether in fact the Samsung Galaxy S5 to be equipped with carbon, but is unknown. In the trend of getting high order processed smartphones Samsung must consider with in the long term but, to continue the success of the market. IPhone 5 or even the cheap Huawei Ascend P6 set the HTC one, Apple designer pieces to lots of glass and metal, which ensures a high-quality appearance. The Samsung Galaxy S4 could not keep so far in this respect. We have for you time a version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in carbon optics conjured up – how do you like this version? The new Samsung Galaxy S5 should look like (click image to the increase)? Maybe Samsung Galaxy new S5 continues the trend of robust high-end Smartphones also.

, The new version Samsung Galaxy S4 active is a highly resistant, dust – and waterproof version of the high-end smartphones Samsung Galaxy S4. With the use of carbon, a Galaxy S5 significantly on toughness could – for everyday – set. We are looking forward!