Samsung Galaxy S7: 20MP Camera Even Thinner

Rumors, rumor and advance information on the next Galaxy S7 this year are coming in advance of the classical Cadence starring smartphone between December and the first months of the year. To date, although much information can be highly probable and in line with optimistic forecasts about the specifics, it is still early to talk about real full spec sheet for Galaxy S7.

To add a new item to the next top Korean range, comes now the photographic part, the new sensor that Samsung will use will be from well 20MP, improving compared to the actual resolution 16MP still.

But what is interesting is the technology behind this sensor should measure 1/2.6 “and having pixel 1.0 micron in size. Samsung would also greatly improved the production process taking only 28nm compared to current camera’s 65nm S6 who also pixels the size of 1.2 micron.

The chip would also have a new RGB color pattern can improve light sensitivity and the signal-to-noise ratio in low-light conditions. All this will allow Samsung to produce the thinnest sensors anyway so you can minimise protrusions or have more space for other components.

Samsung Galaxy S7 is available online from ePRICE to 555 euros. The value for money isdiscreet and is one of the best devices in this country price range.