Samsung Galaxy tab: The Super-AMOLED Tablet coming

Was and is on a current bestseller from Samsung, the I9000 Galaxy S, above all the big 4 ″ Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels. It has not only the largest OLED display in a market-ready Smartphone, but also the best display next to the iPhone 4. The increase of 4 ″ on whopping 7 ″ should be taken with the Samsung Galaxy tab which will already be on September 2 in stores.

The largest Super AMOLED screen at all?

So far, the cracks in particular for the AMOLED displays were rather small. The Samsung I9000 Galaxy S with its 4 ″ display so far is the measure of all things. Greater than it was also not so far, so far, OLED TV are more a vision than a reality. This is because first and foremost, that the production of OLED displays is expensive compared to the normal TFT technology. The self-luminous organic diodes emit light itself, can be turned off but also completely in certain areas of the image of the dot-matrix. This ensures that contrasts better come to the fore, black is really black (not dark grey) and colors are better. Problem so far: the manufacture of large screen diagonals is too expensive. This could have changed by reducing the number of layers of AMOLED displays to Super-AMOLED display. Market leader Samsung currently only in the regular display of AMOLED has delivery problems, so that the industries competition such as at the HTC desire on the Super-LCD technology have to change, which is weaker in comparison. Whether Samsung now the extreme jump from 4 ″ on at least 7 ″ creates, is initially questionable. The Super-AMOLED technology could allow but also this great leap which was previously unthinkable with normal AMOLED. We report further for you whether the Samsung Galaxy tab will actually get a super-AMOLED screen.

Key technical data of iPad competitors

, The Samsung Galaxy tab is equipped like the Smartphone model I9000 Galaxy S Google Android. Be delivered directly should the version 2.2, which should allow much better performance compared to Android 2.1. As mentioned above a 7 to the Samsung Galaxy tab ″ Potter large Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1024 × 600. Thus, the Tablet is smaller than the iPad by Apple (this tablet has 9 ″) with almost equal resolution (the iPad has a resolution of 1024 × 768), so on the Super AMOLED screen is a superb image quality can be expected. A 1.2 GHz processor is installed inside of the Samsung Galaxy tab. Memory-technically there’s 16 gb internal memory card can be expanded via Microsd to maximum 32 gb. Technically, the Samsung Galaxy tab also offers HSDPA, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, Bluetooth and USB. So everything suggests that the Samsung Galaxy tab has at least the base interfaces to easily connect to other devices. The integrated front-facing camera also suggests that the Samsung Galaxy tab will be talking. Matching, Google just his service Gmail has expanded function to a call. Otherwise as per video telephony’s will probably already find it hard, because who plays already a 7 ″ device to your ear?

Features of the Samsung Galaxy tab

Plain, the Samsung Galaxy tab is not a full-fledged computer and as well as for the iPad, we should expect too much productive by the tablet. The input is usually like when the touch screen cell phone via a virtual keyboard that is supported by Swype. With Swype “ wipes ” from letter to letter. The program recognizes the entered words. So the user can make usually comfortable and fast input, inasmuch as he is familiar with Swype. You can but otherwise also turn off the function when conventional typing on the QWERTY field better by hand. The Samsung Galaxy tab is first and foremost a surfing and entertainment machine safely, as well as the Apple iPad. With Multitouch Zoom lets the browser comfortably and the Google applications leave also no desired by mail to maps. Integrates Office functions, who probably own, are for viewing of documents than to write.

Availability and price

As mentioned in the introduction the Samsung Galaxy tab to be already available on September 2 this year. Price the tablet should not a lot are expensive than the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S, which is so far just over 400,-€. I reckon with a starting price of about 500 €.