Samsung I7500 Galaxy – the first Android phone with AMOLED screen

With large 3.2 inch OLED touchscreen display, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, GPS navigation and powerful hardware, the mobile phone Samsung I7500 Galaxy not ahead of the competition needs hiding. Even before the publication of we take the technique more closely scrutinized and look at whether it can meet the high expectations. Already the first Android mobile phones Google G1 and HTC Magic have not only shown that the operating system Android by Google represents a serious competition to other operating systems, such as Symbian, Windows Mobile, or iPhone.  Still it was proved also that can be built for this phone appealing operating system.

The new generation of Android phones including the Samsung I7500 Galaxy and the HTC Hero, seems again to go a step further: latest technology is used here, which is just awesome in conjunction with the Android operating: the connectivity (Wi-Fi, HSDPA) modern, low-power displays with OLED technology, ample storage space and many Internet and multimedia feature on the software side there is at least on the datasheet nothing to find fault.

Target audience of the new Android phones

, The Samsung I7500 Galaxy is aimed primarily at people who appreciate a certain potential of lifestyle on your mobile phone, want intuitive and want to renounce to anything. Anyone looking for a business phone, is not fully equipped with the Android operating system for everyday work. Looking for the necessary functions namely with this operating system as delivered in vain. This must be retrofitted with hindsight.

Problems in the past

Google trying to secure its place, now in many areas of the Internet the pure search engine business is long since past. Here the various areas be opened up after new, so also the market of mobile operating systems … that led to the introduction of the first Android phones some displeasure with privacy advocates also one, as Google using E-Mail Services Limited platform to your emails.
But Google has responded since the version 1.5 of the Android platform lifted this restriction. Thus is now open, which email account you can obtain with his cell phone.

Facilities: more goes not!

The Samsung I7500 Galaxy could be called quite egg-laying wool milk sow among the Smartphones: A look in the features is sufficient to determine that really much is offered. So the phone with 8 GB comes with internal memory and an extensibility by Mirco SD card (max. 32 gb) plenty of space, to feed it with data and new applications.

The camera with 5 megapixels is now almost standard, but usually the quality of the images is doubtful. Here, too, it is so that the pure number of mega pixels is not an indicator of a high-quality camera at the Samsung I7500 Galaxy. Rather this camera for snapshots in good light is sufficient, but to use in low light conditions of less. But the camera is ultimately also intended for snapshots … focus somewhere else.

AMOLED Display

: For the display, which is really very convincing effect. With a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels (at 3.2 inches) and 16.7 million colors, displaying photos, videos and Internet sites is a Don eye-candy. This is also the new display technology, which here is fitted, a so-called AMOLED by Samsung. This is for “ organic Lechtdiode ” and is a power-saving and while luminous strong successor to the old LCD technology.

Social networks and the Internet in your Pocket? This is probably the most compelling strength of the Samsung I7500 Galaxy. Like the Android platform, Internet services in attractive manner on the Smartphone are exposed. The activity in Internet platforms such as Twitter becomes child’s play.

This is not only because, the appropriate services on the software side extra have been fitted, but also on the touch-screen operation of the Samsung I7500 Galaxy. Here while not newly invented the wheel, because all strongly reminiscent of Apple’s iPhone, but the service can be really seen.


also still an important feature to find mention that often completely overlooked in gadgetry and is nevertheless extremely important: the battery! With 1500mAh capacity for a such slim Mobile has been very large. The 119 grams light Samsung I7500 Galaxy has thus best chances to score again when users.


When the I7500 Galaxy Samsung will be available with us, is not yet clear. It was originally announced to the 27 KW of this year. So far, the Smartphone is unfortunately unavailable! If you want to be one of the first, about the availability of the Samsung mobile phones information, look on our product page by and get non-binding notified you, as soon as the phone is available!

The Samsung I7500 Galaxy in action