Samsung I8910 Omnia vs. Nokia N97 – Smartphone duel

Smartphones with seemingly infinite range of functions are not only rightly in the trends, but also a competitive market. That’s exactly why you should inform himself before, which device from the crowd stands out and can set special accents. Two of these devices are certainly the Samsung Omnia I8910 Omnia and the Nokia N97, I would like to compare here.

Two cutting-edge smartphones, an operating system: Symbian

Put the Samsung I8910 Omnia as well as Nokia N97 on the Symbian operating system, about which we already extensively reported in an article. I believe once cure together what distinguishes this OS.

Symbian is a stable and reliable operating system, characterized by its expandability through free programs and plugins. Here a large developer community has found itself now, which actually offers everything from various games and navigation software, what the heart desires.

Symbian is not perfect, but usable, however, for business users, because Office programs still do not have full support and have a rather restricted functionality mostly in favor of operation, performance and stability.

, Symbian is suitable both for smartphones with or without keyboard. Both devices show here different concepts. While the Nokia N97 touch screen and keyboard (fold-out), there is for Samsung I8910 Omnia touchscreen only.


The speed of all the actions carried out by mobile phone, depends the performance, which brings a cell phone. The faster you have mobile phones, the less trouble with programs, require the computing power. Because it is important, how fast a mobile is just for Extensible operating systems like Symbian.

Here has the Symbian magazine mysymbian a direct comparison of both mobile phones at youtube made online where one is clear: the 600 MHz processor of the Samsung I8910 Omnia is very fast – the Nokia N97 ended only seconds later the (identical) test. Here the I8910 Omnia has clear front the nose! Partly the Nokia N97 in the comparison seems quite slow.


size and Auflösungstechnisch play in a League of Samsung and Nokia Smartphone. Both have a decent resolution of 320 × 640 pixels and 16.7 million colors. The screen of the Samsung Omnia I8910 is with 3.7 ″ slightly larger than the 3.5 ″ screen de Nokia N97.

The display of the Omnia I8910 is not only 0.2 ″ greater than that of the competitor by Nokia, but also the latest AMOLED technology which makes for a lovely image and has a significantly lower power consumption at the same time as the old TFT technology, has put on the Nokia with the N97. This point goes back to the Samsung Smartphone.


Basically, the requirements for multimedia applications on both devices thus are equal put both on the Symbian operating system. So an identical base is at least software side. Therefore, the hardware of the Smartphones must be compared.


Of operation still some differences between the two devices opens up, despite the same operating system. So the Nokia N97 is the Samsung Omnia I8910 only with one on a combination of retractable keyboard and touch screen, while (0.2 ″ larger) is equipped with touch screen.
Is liquid to operate the Samsung Smartphone via an on-screen keyboard, but the keyboard withdrawable on demand is already an advantage for prolific writer. Here you can also Not even blind write, thanks to the feel of the keys, – provided the necessary exercise. It is even harder when typing on a flat surface and is overall somewhat accustomed needy as a real keyboard.


Both Nokia and Samsung Smartphone have a strong 1500 mAh battery. Despite the significantly faster processor the Omnia I8910 with 5stündiger talk time has the edge here. The Nokia N97 creates still very good 4.5 hours of talk time on one charge.


The Samsung Omnia HD I8910 already almost unbeatable in all disciplines and the competition in terms of facilities a step is ahead: AMOLED display, HD video support, 8-megapixel camera and top performance are really beating arguments.
Overall, the Nokia N97 in scarcely one aspect with the Samsung I8910 Omnia cannot match. Only the useful keyboard and, the 32 GB installed at the factory memory convince – for prolific writer the Nokia cell phone could be even a better choice. With the following youtube videos, you can once again convince yourself of the quality of both devices.