Samsung luxury Smartphone: GT-B7620 Giorgio Armani

It is not the first time that a designer under the patronage of a major mobile phone manufacturer embellished a model: the Samsung luxury phone GT-B7620 follows this trend and is from the Giorgio Armani label was designed. About the 3.5 ″ large OLED touch screen this is held also by a more or less subtle lettering. Otherwise the Smartphone can convince visually, but also technically with the other level with the Smartphone competition is.

Optics: refreshingly different!

The luxury smartphone from Samsung comes with a unique Gold look, far away from the Einheitsbrau from the typical cell phone colors silver, white or black. Even the menu has been adapted by Samsung and radiates in subtle pastel tones on the bright touch-OLED-display (800 x 640 pixels).

Hardware: powerful

Fast hardware is

not just typical for so-called luxury or even Designhandys. In this area, but Samsung has done his homework and the GT-B7620 provides strong processor with an 800 MHz, which is known from the Samsung S8000 Jet. Thus, this should make not only good Samsung GT B7620 Girgio Armani when it comes to the appearance, but be sufficiently fast.
All current standards are integrated into the Smartphone: HSDPA, HSUPA, Wi-Fi, A-GPS …. A 3.5 mm headphone jack is missing as well as a full QWERTY keyboard, which can drive out through a slider Mechanimus. Much is to be expected also from processing: Samsung has delivered with the similar acting ending I8910 Omnia HD a most impressive piece of technology. It looks at least away similar to the Samsung GT-B7620 – except on the slider mechanism of course …. The 1500mAh battery delivers enough reserves for Dauertelefonierer and longer surfing.

Software: Windows Mobile 6.5

As usual from Samsung, the Samsung GT B7620 with Windows Mobile in the current version comes along. So don’t mind the rather boring standard interface of the operating system, Samsung has incorporated here again the well-known TouchWiz interface. Hereby it is possible to place a widget on a kind of desktop.

Availability and price

So far this isn’t Samsung GT B7620 Giorgio Armani at us in the Handyshop available. It will appear in the 4th quarter 2009. You can learn like us, if the Samsung GT B7620 with us is available. Just go on the article page of the GT-B7620 and click on “ notification when available ”. You receive an email then free and without obligation, once the cell phone is available. It is expected that the luxury slider without a contract will cost about 600,-€. In combination with a contract, you can reach significantly more favourable terms with us!