Samsung Pay, in 2015 the Hole Is 16.8 Million

Don’t arrive good news for Samsung as regards the achievements of wireless Samsung Pay payment system.

It seems that in 2015 – first year under the command of Samsung after the acquisition of LoopPay in February of last year to $ 229 million – net loss was equal to 20.167 billion won, amounted to $ 16.8 million. The company believes that Samsung Pay be considered still an asset under construction which will over time to gain a competitive edge against the competition.

The payment system is able to differentiate the gamma Galaxy Smartphones from other devices, contributing significantly to the increase in sales of these products.

Published data on Samsung Electronics reports show sales of 4.12 million, a net debt of 23.6 million and equity of 10.5 million.

Samsung Pay was officially activated in August of last year, and recorded until now 500 million total payments made by 5 million users. Bed in a positive way, this means that the South Korean company’s payment service has contributed at least in part – to sell 5 million devices between Galaxy S6, S6 Edge Galaxy, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Galaxy 5, Galaxy A5 andGalaxy A7 in South Korea and United States.

Currently using Samsung Pay is not related to the payment of any Commission. Rather, Samsung would be using that technology to analyze in detail the behaviors of consumers on the market in order to better target future marketing communications.