Samsung Pixon12 M8910 – successor to the Pixon M8800 with 12 mega pixel camera coming in July

Samsung’s first phone with 12 megapixel camera, the M8910 Pixon12 comes in July on the German market. In addition to a 12 megapixel camera and Xenon light, has the Pixon12 camera phone features to improve the quality of the photo.

, An auto focus focus automatically provides the image of the Samsung descendent of the Pixon M8800. Face detection enables automatic focusing of faces on the images. A so-called smart auto function helps with different camera settings to the light and the background. A particularly fast storage with the Samsung Pixon12 M8910 images with only 2 seconds speaks for the Pixon12 as genuine camera phone. The images can be provided via Geotagging thanks to the integrated GPS transmitter with coordinates.

, Another special feature of the Samsung Pixon12 is the AMOLED display. AMOLED is available for active matrix organic light emitting diode. The AMOLED display from Samsung is characterized by a particularly bright and high-contrast image, and rich colors. The AMOLED display is obstructed by Samsung currently only available in the top cell phones. Among other things, the display built into the ultra touch already available i8910 Omnia HD or the also available S8300 is.

, The Samsung Pixon12 M8910 is not just a camera phone, but also a real multimedia all-rounder. An MP3 player is also on board as an FM radio. The surf on the internet is as simple as quickly thanks to UMTS and HSDPA support.

Who cares for the M8910 Pixon12 Samsung can get notified now at whose availability.