Samsung S7350 ultra slide and Samsung S7220 ultra classic

With the S7350 ultra slide and the S7220 ultra CLASSIC shows Samsung again, that sophisticated design and latest technology perfectly can complement each other. Both models are primarily geared towards multimedia use.

5 mega pixel camera is not only 4 x zoom, auto focus and the smile shot function that triggers a photo when the photographed person smiles, but also including a high-performance photo light, a panorama function, to create the possibility of serial images, more an image-editing features or contrast adjustment and various photo effects. The possibility of a video recording in high WVGA resolution at up to 30 smooth frames per second available stands for moving pictures. Having something in your Pocket is so extremely practical.

Shine with a 2.6 inch TFT display, colors and content at the S7350 ultra slide in 16 million colors and also the energy-saving 2.2 inch AMOLED display of the narrower S7220 ultra CLASSIC not need behind the competition to hide. Best Internet connection is provided with the incredibly fast HSDPA connection with up to 7.2 MBit / s in two mobile phones. Thanks to the integrated GPS geo-tagging feature, for example, just shot photos on Google maps™ with the S7350 ultra slide can be uploaded and included.

But that’s not all: both phones have a MP3 player that plays almost all popular formats and an FM stereo radio with RDS function. When the S7350 ultra slide, additionally a DivX and XviD player for video playback, DNSe 2.0™ for optimal sound reproduction and music recognition service is available. So that the phone can automatically detect a song what is currently running to facilitate the search for the song title.

And also if the phone time lost or should be stolen, Samsung has made in two models with uTrack. Once a foreign SIM card in the phone is inserted and activated, uTrack automatically sends an SMS to a preset number including the device’s IMEI number and phone number of the mobile phone thief. Thus the theft can be clarified quite quickly. Their

also with the SOS messages function, Samsung contributes through innovative technology to the service. This function sends an emergency SMS to a pre-determined number in case of emergency, by simply touching of the volume button. This number calls back, the conversation is immediately accepted and issued on the speakerphone.

Is a dynamic memory of 100 MB and 110 MB of storage through a MicroSD card up to 16 GB the S7350 ultra slide and 8 GB at the S7220 ultra CLASSIC expandable. The S7220 also has a label mode. The cell phone incoming calls by simple turning over on the side of the display is silent. The S7350 ultra slide, however, has additional features such as Google mail™ or an RSS reader.

Both handsets are now available at The Samsung S7220 ultra classic and the S7350 are ultra slide with the tariff recommended by bridgat to these phones individually, the base Web Edition DUO, which includes even a flat rate in the fixed network and the network of E-Plus, for 0 euro available.