Samsung Smartwatch Galaxy Gear

The watchmakers of modern times may become the big electronics companies in the world. Samsung will soon present his Smartwatch Samsung Galaxy gear, which will officially be presented in Berlin on September 4. Until then, there are some rumors about the specifications of the Smartwatch by Sammobile, originating from an anynomen informant. This rumor has it that the Samsung Galaxy gear Smartwatch with one’s own dual-core 1.5 GHz processor (chipset: Exynos 4212) and 1 gb memory to be equipped.

Display the most important feature of a Smartwatch is probably no doubt: here, Samsung uses technology on a diagonal of 1.67 on the Super AMOLED ″ (320 x 320 pixel resolution). This display should be not flexible, but says that you continue to work on flexible AMOLED displays. In terms of connectivity only NFC and Bluetooth should be installed, which suggests that the Smartwatch is used here only as a supplement to the Smartphone and will primarily communicate with this. WLAN or HSPA would be problematic in terms of battery life. Do you need as a Smartwatch? For me, this is currently about as appealing as the project of Google Glass beats way around great skepticism towards the. I currently do not imagine a “ smart ” watch to wear that every day must be loaded and is hard to read in sunlight. This is really smart?