Samsung T749 highlight: T-Mobile exclusive touch screen cell phone

, The Samsung T749 highlight is the new touch screen phone from T-Mobile. The color scheme is interesting and unusual on this mobile phone first and foremost. It is available in eccentric orange/red and somewhat restrained shades of grey. It is equipped with everything your heart desires: current transmission standards, touchscreen, abundant storage and camera. It is also with a special affinity for social services such as Facebook and Twitter to customers.

Design and dimensions

Very solid so the Samsung T749 can describe. Only the colors deviate everyday some of the otherwise rather black and white mobile: it will be available in the colours orange/red and grey tones. Apart from that is the Samsung T749 highlight visually rather standard and is particularly also with the dimensions (Hxwxd 108 x 54 x 13.7 mm)-it looks very slim nor especially clunky.


Is the display of the Samsung touch screen phones with 3 ″ relatively large, but again not particularly salient accents, but processed only known in a high quality manner. The display has a resolution of 240 x 400 pixels and 16 million colors, which is still good average.

Also the new Samsung AMOLED display technology is here not to use, but the well-known TFT technology. Here you can expect so normally good, but also in this area no revolution.


Operation of the mobile phone is done completely via the touch screen: when writing a text message or email, a full keyboard displays itself, through which you can make the input. This is quite comfortable, but also here you can adjust to no technical highlights, similar to that seen for example from the iPhone. Multitouch is namely not integrated, i.e. the phone recognizes only a touch at the time. In addition, the operating system is sometimes slightly slow on the T749, which once again shows the YouTube video.

Social services / Internet

With the Samsung T749 highlight, many extensions are installed, even if you keep the phone for the first time in the hand. This is because that particular attention is paid on the booming social services here. So various applications are installed, which should make possible a comfortable communication with Twitter, Facebook and the likes.

The connectivity of mobile phones is also exemplary, which of course makes sense quite many Internet functions. You can choose himself with following networks on the Internet (Wi-Fi is unfortunately not included!):

battery life and memory

the battery has good 1200 mAh, which is neglected by some manufacturers. I.e. then the latest technical features are integrated, but the mobile phone must download every day. The Samsung T249 highlight, this is not so: the battery life is pretty good with 6.5 hours of talk time.

The touch screen cell phone by Samsung will be

delivered with quite scarce 60mb of memory. Luckily it’s gb but expandable with MicroSD cards up to 16.


The Samsung T749 highlight is at times of an iPhone or Omnia HD but not a highlight, you can inspire but with rock-solid engineering. Maybe the phone will soon be available at an attractive price.

Here is still some impressions of the Samsung T749: