Shrink Spa: Samsung Galaxy S3 mini comes with 4 ″ display

The Samsung Galaxy S3 with his 4.8 ″ touch screen display all others as a pocket-friendly. Therefore, and probably to the 4 ″ much smaller Apple iPhone 5 to compete, Samsung is now – what has been officially confirmed – a Galaxy S3 bring out mini. The Smartphone will be equipped with NFC and be available in the colors Blue and white.

In addition, it was announced that it is not an entry-level Smartphone, what was inevitably linked already with the name Galaxy S3 mini. I think that Galaxy S3 mini is the technique of the successful Android smartphones Galaxy S3 just in a “ mini case ” with 4 ″ display squeeze, i.e. it will make the iPhone 5 competition probably with a 1.4 GHz quad core processor, HD resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels and at least Google Android 4.0.