Sculpting Your Face with Facial Liposuction

The unwanted flab that end up piling up over time in the face now have treatment: lipo.

The evolution of medicine associated with the discovery of new technologies allows the plastic surgery you dare get the ultra sensitive body parts, such as the face, for example. The unwanted flab that end up piling up over time in the face now have treatment: lipo.

Facial liposuction is intended to change the distribution of fat and improve the contours of the face. Microlipoaspirações are held in areas with the highest concentration of fat and a redistribution of same in the depressions of the face, as if it were a liposculpture.

The development of extremely small cannulas, accessing remote locations, ensures that the facial liposuction is successful, with very low risk index and imperceptible scars. With the use of local or general anesthesia, the surgery lasts on average 1 hour and is given or the same day or the next day.

The postoperative period of facial liposuction can be a little painful, but as a precaution the surgeon prescription analgesic and anti-inflammatory. For that the surgery still better results indicated the lymphatic drainage, which reduces the swelling and discomfort in the post. She must be started more or less on the fifth day after the facial liposuction, with at least 10 sessions every other day, which reduces the incidence of fibrosis. Here at Sacramentomart.Com you can get more facial models.

It is highly recommended to use sunscreen during the postoperative period in order to provide high quality scars. The ultrasound is indicated to improve wound healing, because it accelerates the reduction of swelling and any ripples, besides having an Antiinflammatory action.

The Aesthetic Rhinoplasty

The nose is inserted in a context of facial proportions, your size should be proportional to the dimensions of the face and nose parts should be proportionate to the size of this nose. In addition to the proportion and harmony, must be taken into account the racial characteristics of the patient. It is important to note that it is not possible to build a nose exactly the way the patient wants, because each person has a limitation for that in the end the result stay natural.

The plastic surgeon has a fundamental role to this natural balance of the face is respected. The surgeon’s aesthetic vision is related to 60% the outcome of rhinoplasty, while the other 40% are connected the technique itself. This is because changing the entire structure of the nose, so every modification must be thoroughly evaluated.

In addition to the experience gained over the years of experience as a plastic surgeon, the doctor uses some features of study carried out in other areas of science. One of them is mathematics. By the end of 12 century mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci, Pisani, found a mathematical constant that appears in all the structures of nature from animals to plants and in human DNA. All measures have a connection with each other and form an aesthetic balance. This constant represents the proportional perfection, called the golden ratio, and was used by the greatest genius in the arts and architecture.

The specialist, who has knowledge of this mathematical tool, you can calculate the exact dimensions of the nose, so that it is in full agreement with the rest of the patient’s face. Reason and sensitivity of the surgeon also count, and for the final result.