Senior cell phones – taken three manufacturers under the magnifying glass

The mobile phone market is getting unmanageable and the numerous functions and applications are not for everyone. Just for seniors, the ever-smaller phones are often confusing and hard to use. But in addition to the high-tech market, also a Nieschenmarkt has developed for senior mobile phones, which has specialized in the older clientele and can trump with useful features. We took three manufacturer times under the microscope:


Emporia is an Austrian company from Linz. She specializes in seniors mobile phones and especially their two Emporia life mobile phones with emergency function are innovative. The Emporia life is a slider with black and white display that has a large red button on its back: the emergency call key. This key can be activated only through deep and 3 seconds press and can be pressed so not accidentally. This emergency call button is pressed, the phone dials automatically up to five phone numbers, which manually eventually selected were both set in their order. Caller No. 1 doesn’t answer, dial the next number after one minute. There is no calling for the emergency function. The callee sees the number so in the event of an emergency and may if necessary call back. Up to an hour after pressing the emergency button calls are automatically accepted and set to handsfree. It is a pity that the speaker for the speakerphone knarzen. Besides very well are the major keys, the legible display and great writing. Phone book entries can be even by SMS.


Hagenuk has become not only on senior cell phones in, yet the opportunities of this market recognized.  With the fono 3 Hagenuk a cell phone with extra large numeric keypad and well legible display with large font released. There are three clearly labeled buttons for the answer, call termination and Cancel below the display. Above half of the display are two keys for the special radio and flashlight.  Navigate the menu with the rocker, the sides of the fono 3 ′ s is. Each navigational step is confirmed with a loud beep. This can be also switched off and is then replaced by vibrating alert.  The phone book can you watch unfortunately not the stored numbers, but then automatically dials the phone number. The voice quality is alright. On the phone we mean quite well. Only at the other end of the line is the voice quality to complain about. An important function of Hagenuk fono 3 is of course the emergency call function. This can be both emergency texting and make an emergency call. The SMS is prescribed using the menu item settings and set the number. This is also for the emergency call so. The mobile user presses the C button for more than three seconds will send an emergency SMS. The Red emergency call button at the top of the housing is automatically the default emergency number called and placed the phone on speakerphone.

Audioline Amplicon

Audioline has released several senior cell phones under his company Amplicon. As also the other two manufacturers they boast particularly good readability, ease of use, and the emergency call function.  The Amplicon Powertel M5000 can come up trumps with its volume. It can be up to 100 dB loud. Comparison: A plane taking off has around 120 dB. Another advantage is the very loud volume and the large and readable buttons. The emergency call button is located on the back. If it is activated, the phone is a 100dB strong loud and shrill tone, which should draw attention to people in adjacent rooms. Then the phone calls as long as three preset telephone numbers, until one accepts. A backup of the emergency button prevents accidental triggering of the emergency call. The alarm time can be set manually and individually. As well, the M5000 comes with an emergency SMS function. The phone has three separate quick dial buttons on its front panel.  During an incoming call, a red LED light indicates the call.

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