Sharp developed 3D display for mobile phones

Not even true HD resolutions are available (with a vertical resolution of at least 720 pixels) on phone screen. Demand is very high after progress, such diagonals actually even makes sense HD resolution. Manufacturer sharp sees things differently and developed currently tiny, 3D-capable cell phone displays. Thus, reproduction of real 3D is inasmuch as exists in the same material, images. Whether it’s praktibel? We enlighten!

3D displays in cell phones – the technology at a glance

3D conjures up even the depth, so a spatial dimension to the image next to the horizontal and vertical image information. This works with the Parallax barrier technology. The result is image that blurred look without special glasses. There is almost a duplication with a slight shift. With the help of 3D glasses produces spatial effect, whose Qualität is currently still heavily dependent on the angle of view. Sharp has announced to start end of 2010 with the production of these displays. In addition promises soon to allow the manufacturer, to take photos and videos in 3D.

3D mobile in Europe?

Have you ever seen a sharp cell phone? I do not. This is because that sharp in Europe is not a big number on cell phones, only TV from sharp is a term. In Asia, sharp but plays a role in the mobile sector. Here could appear at least models with 3D display. A 3D glasses will be by the way not required. The Parallax barriers technology needs no 3D glasses. The 3D effect on the mobile phone display is as clear, is not to see but, because basically that is 3D technology for displays still in its infancy. Just the technology in the field of television sets developed for home and even there it is bound on 3D glasses. The Praktikablität due to the lack of availability of 3D material even on TVs and the quality of the image is stuck certainly still in its infancy. But: Sharp sector secures the mobile 3D a pioneering role. A really serious role will get 3D on mobile displays towards the Middle certainly until by the end of the Decade.

3D must it not be, but the best display?

We don’t have phones with 3D displays of course offer. However, Current displays of our top smartphones offer a high degree of sharpness and are often ahead of TV displays. This is because that new manufacturing techniques easier to use for small devices can be. So E.g. OLED (or AMOLED) on cell phones obtained catchment, while TVs have still no OLED technology. Even the expensive devices set still on the old LCD technology. The best displays in mobile phones currently well on the one hand have the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S referred to OLED technology in the new version Super-AMOLED. This display has a 4 ″ diagonal and a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels. The other recommendation in the area which is mobile display Super crisp retina display of iPhone 4 contrast and color intensity can while not the Super AMOLED technology keep up with, but the high resolution of 960 × 640-pixel resolution with a 3.5 diagonal. The IPS-LCD delivers crisp sharp images and is perfectly readable in direct sunlight.