Smartphone market: Dominated Samsung, Apple cut off

, The market research company IDC has published now up-to-date figures on the Smartphone market, which is not surprising, but bring some conclusions on the future. Apple must dress warmly: Samsung has to show very good sales figures above all thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S4. Satet 72.4 million Smartphones have to sell the Koreans 2013 in the second quarter, including cheaper devices as the top model Galaxy S4 are of course but also clear. Apple has in the same period “ only ” 31.2 million iPhones to sell fewer than half as many units like Samsung. What does this say for the future of the Smartphone market?

This much is clear: it Samsung and Apple in the Smartphone market, but LG also dominate clearly (also thanks to the LG Google nexus 4) catching up. With 12.1 million smartphones sold is the producer on the 3rd place of the dominant companies in the quarter. So, why is that Samsung is so dominant? It’s not simply on Samsung, it’s an upheaval in the Smartphone market. Apple has not alone features more in hand, because the Android phones are technically often far ahead, the operating system keeps getting better and there are Smartphones that have the design potential of Apple Smartphones (best example: HTC one).

Also seem open operating systems that are accessible for all manufacturers, fuel the competition with each other, so that the product cycles and the innovation potential in Android is greater. Certain network effects (Android penetration in the circle of friends and acquaintances) also cause the success of Android and that Samsung Smartphones that will attract significantly more customer groups thanks to the larger price range, as the expensive Apple iPhone smartphones. Whether this market trend is continuing, now lies above all in the hand of Apple: whether new products like the Apple iPhone 5, iPhone Lite or mini and the new operating system iOS 7 can mitigate this trend?