Smartphone + Tablet + notebook ASUS Padfone =

Has already with the hybrid Asus Eee pad transformer Tablet notebook ASUS Prime an außergwöhnliches product in the offer, which comes very well with customers. This concept is now consistently thought: If you can combine a tablet with a keyboard, then why not also a Smartphone with a touchscreen and a keyboard? Clearly, Motorola with rather unknown Motorola Atrix has shown that it works – now Asus is trying his luck with the Padfone and thus to hybrid devices it could further expand the new trend.

Concept: Smartphone + Tablet + notebook

, The Padfone actually consists of three parts, which can be completely disassembled. You need only the mobile phone provides a powerful Smartphone that everything meets requirements for mobile operation. Play, watch videos or you can surf comfortably by the Smartphone just stick in the back of the tablets of Padfones and already is out of the “ small ” Smartphone with 4.3 ″ display a comfortable surf station. The Padfone is completed but only with the keyboard. You can connect also this, which of course is extremely practical for the browsing experience on the Tablet-laptop hybrid, because now not only Internet addresses can type much faster than on the on-screen keyboard, you can use also better chat programs or be active in forums. Longer emails can be of course wonderful to write with the Padfone. Of course, The ASUS Padfone replaced still no notebook. For missing too many programs and features for Android, but thanks to the Tablet, a hopeful candidate for the title should the ASUS Padfone function and similar keyboard “ best ALLROUNDER 2012 ″ to.

The Smartphone

, The Smartphone that works in the ASUS Padfone, forms the heart of the whole product from ASUS. In it is a high-performance dual-core processor from Qualcomm (Snapdragon S4) is efficient with 2 x 1.5 GHz. to understand here quite literally, because showed first test of this new platform from Qualcomm that it despite “ only ” two cores is partly clearly more powerful than the NVIDIA Tegra 3, which inside pad transformer for example the Asus Eee (we reported). Thus nothing more in the way is likely to be playing full HD videos or elaborate games.

The Super-fast hardware of the ASUS Padfone is complemented by a 4.3 ″ display with a high resolution of 960 × 540 pixels and AMOLED technology. Also 9, 2 mm-thin Smartphone houses 1 gb RAM, 32 gb or 64 gb internal memory and a 1520 mAh large battery a gutters ever choice of 16 gb. As a camera one is available on the back of 8 mega pixel camera, at the front there is a low resolution camera for video telephony.

Otherwise, the Padfone offers more Wi-Fi N, HSPA +, Bluetooth and A-GPS. The memory can be expanded despite the choices regarding storage size even more via Microsd card. An LTE version of the ASUS Padfone to appear in the 4th quarter of 2012.

Tablet and keyboard

As if the Smartphone of the Padfone total package is not only interesting, ASUS packs still a tablet display and a keyboard with the package of the ASUS Padfone. With a size of 10.1 ″ provides the Padfone tablet similar in size as the Apple iPad 2 and resolves with 1280 × 800 pixels also not outstanding high so far but also the pixel craze in tablets remains so that one can speak of a common resolution. In the Tablet, an additional 6600mAh is again battery, which will clearly increase the maturities of the ASUS Padfone. I’m counting on this competitive transit times of 10 hours or more. Even with infected keyboard and tablet screen that included can call belongs also a Bluetooth headset. As well an exceptional stylus to the standard package you want to belong. With this, not only notes and drawings directly on the touch screen can be made, but with the stylus you can call also, if your Smartphone is in the Tablet – sounds crazy, but pretty handy!

Processing quality and software

ASUS already at the Eee pad transformer showed that they know how to build high-quality tablets with good keyboard. This continues apparently seamlessly with the ASUS Padfone, because the Smartphone/Tablet/notebook looks again combined excellent coloring and reminiscent of the already very successful Asus Eee pad transformer Prime. So are many components made of metal, what seems visually how well haptic quality. The good keyboards are also a quality of ASUS: here, the quality of ASUS Padfone again should reach transformers Prime to and notebook connect back to the quality of a mid-size business, which should be more than adequate for the intended purpose of such hybrid device.

Software is on the ASUS Padfone Android 4.0 (“ ice cream sandwich ”) installed. Special feature: If you surf with the Smartphone or open an application and then plug in the Tablet, the transition is seamless, i.e. You can directly work on or play without only the Tablet “ started ” should be.

Availability and price

So far, still no information about the price are known. However, it is already known that the ASUS Padfone contains only Smartphone and tablet. The keyboard is an in addition paid product. Depending on the amount of memory (16 gb, 32 gb, 64 gb will be available) I expect a price of approximately at the height of the Asus Eee pad transformer Prime (~ €500 upwards). The ASUS Padfone should already appear in April 2012. We hold course on current developments to date!