Snapchat-FAQ: You Should Know That about the App

Pictures and videos with limited visibility? Snapchat is the first choice for many communication joyful people now, when it comes to sending images. The preset “self destruction”, you can set how long the recipient can see the pictures and movies. In our FAQ, we answer the most important questions about the creative application.

What are the Features of Snapchat?

With Snapchat, you can take simple way pictures and videos from within the app and provided with a label. Then you can send the footage to a friend from your friends list. Also the sending of short messages is possible with Snapchat. What is special about this Messenger service is the ability to set how long the contact receives the image or video before sending. If you select such as 10 seconds, the photo for the addressee is exactly 10 seconds visible – then the recording is deleted.

Are the Images Really Gone after the Deadline?

The pictures will be deleted from the application itself but – they still exist on the mobile device of the recipient and can also be recovered using detours. In addition, it is relatively easy possible to hold incoming images via screenshot – which also indicate the manufacturer in their terms of service. Erotic Selfies and co. therefore also continue to pose a risk. In addition, it is possible to capture the images with a second device from the screen of the receiver.

Who Developed the Messenger Service?

Snapchat was founded in the year 2011 by Evan mirror and Bobby Murphy in the United States. The company’s headquarters are in Los Angeles. As a logo, the company uses a small spirit that is depicted against a yellow background.

For Which Mobile Devices is Snapchat Available?

Snapchat is currently available for smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS available. If you have an Android device, you can download the Messenger service on the play store by Google for free. Also for the iPhone that iPad or the iPod touch, the application runs free on iTunes in the range.

What about Data Protection?

In December 2013 hackers have managed to get millions of users data and to publish them on the Internet. Earlier a group of online activists had already pointed out on a serious security flaw in the system of Snapchat, whereupon the company but had not responded. Beginning 2014 a new version of the app was released, with the security gap should be closed.


  • With Snapchat you can send messages, pictures and short videos
  • As the recipient could be a people who also use Snapchat and that you have saved as a contact
  • The application offers the possibility to limit the visibility of the images
  • This is however no guarantee that they’re really gone
  • Snapchat has signed a known security vulnerability in early 2014
  • The app is free for Android and iOS available