Sony Ericsson Aino: the PlayStation phone – not only for console owners!

The new high-end phone by Sony Ericsson with the name Aino is the mobile phone to the PlayStation 3 – because you use can the well crafted mobile phone as a remote control for the game console. In addition, you can play media content via Wi-Fi on the PlayStation so you can admire the captured photos and videos also on the home TV. Sony Ericsson Aino is interesting not only for game console owners ….

‘S flat and stylish mobile phone (by the way, at bridgat in white and black available!) can do a lot more than just a remote controller for the PlayStation 3 to be. The slider phone with a specially Sony Ericsson programmed user interface with some special technical features scores, which makes it attractive also for all other mobile buyer.

Processing & design – high quality and discreet
Sony Ericsson Aino comes in the colors black and white on the market and convinces with a familiar, high-quality processing by Sony Ericsson. Particularly striking the PlayStation phone due to its elongated shape reminds away on the new chocolate BL40, LG (21:9 aspect ratio). The supplied headset keeps this quality impression without a doubt and is also very high-quality and stylish Sony Ericsscon MH200.

Technology at its finest: 8 Megapixels, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, 8 gb memory
Initially I went up already on it, that Sony Ericsson Aino is not only the PlayStation phone, but could be a great investment for all mobile phone buyer without the console. The 8 megapixel camera could be a selling point – currently the maximum for phones that are not purely as a camera phone on the market (there are already 12 megapixels for the Sony Ericsson Satio). 8 mega pixels should be but enough for good photos. Unfortunately no full Flash is been obstructed for the exposure, but only a LED version. Nevertheless, can expect certainly some Sony Ericsson camera phone player, what ultimately goes the image quality of the photos on. Already by older models (starting with the K800i) photo quality was very good.
The latest data transmission standards are of course also with part of the game: when the Aino Sony Ericsson Wi-Fi, HSDPA and GPS installed. To communicate with other multimedia also DLNA is integrated devices (we reported). A 8 gb micro SD card included the mobile of from home.

That certain something: MH200 Bluetooth stereo headset and charger included
Some mobile phones, and of phones beyond the €500 are not excluded, brand can be found sparse accessories in the box: with a printed manual and a headset you can appreciate is already reasonably happy. When the Aino Sony Ericsson is clearly another way: not only the previously mentioned 8 gb micro SD memory card, but also also a Bluetooth stereo headset, which you can use to control the phone even button is included. So you needs hear in the MP3 on the road even more to get the phone out of his pocket, next to a song or to pause. Such a headset is already a real highlight in the standard scope of delivery: exemplary! The sound quality you can expect quiet a lot, because of Sony Ericsson phones known else nothing.
But that is not enough. Even a charging station here, in which both the phone and the included headset can be charged is the Sony Aino.

Availability and price
It takes not much longer until Sony Ericsson Aino with us in Germany is available. The phone for the 15 October is announced with us in the shop and so far no delay hint at! At bridgat in the mobile phone shop, there’s Sony Ericsson Aino in the colors black and white. Of course, the headset and the charger is supplied in two versions. You can gladly by us free of charge by E-Mail from us learn when Sony Ericsson Aino with us is available. We recommend the combination with one of our T-Mobile tariffs, with which you can use even a fast HSDPA Internet access (our recommendation: Sony Ericsson Aino for €0 with the T-Mobile Combi flat M).