Sony Ericsson reinvents itself: Aino, Satio & Yari

Under the new title “ make.believe ” there is now fresh wind in the assortment of Sony Ericsson. With a realignment of the brand you want now with accents new stylish models. Satio, Aino and Yari hot new models, the same at first glance – that starts with name – something different are as everything we know so far from Sony Ericsson. However, remains us of course Sony Ericsson typical a usual good processing. Only the Aino, Satio and Yari exude a fresh wind.

Sony Ericsson Aino – high-tech and style combines

Is not only the official Sony Ericsson Aino “ PlayStation phone ” … it can be much more! The 8 megapixel camera could be a selling point – currently the maximum for phones that are not purely as a camera phone on the market (there are already 12 megapixels for the Sony Ericsson Satio). 8 mega pixels should be but enough for good photos. Unfortunately no full Flash is been obstructed for the exposure, but only a LED version. Nevertheless, can expect certainly some Sony Ericsson camera phone player, what ultimately goes the image quality of the photos on. Already by older models (starting with the K800i) photo quality was very good.
The latest data transmission standards are of course also with part of the game: when the Aino Sony Ericsson Wi-Fi, HSDPA and GPS installed. To communicate with other multimedia also DLNA is integrated devices (we reported). A 8 gb micro SD card included the phone of from home.
As a special bonus offers on the Sony Ericsson Aino a docking station and a high-quality headset, you can also load in the docking station.

Sony Ericsson Satio – more camera is not currently

The integrated 12 megapixel camera of Sony Ericsson Satio with xenon flash light sets new standards and clarifies the competition in the shade. Also to its 3.5-inch large capacitive touchscreen can score with a resolution of 640 × 360 pixels and 16 million colours shown. The virtual full keyboard confirmed pressed letters by gently vibrating and thus ensures accuracy.

For optimal connectivity on the go the Sony Ericsson Satio with EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA and HSUPA for fast up – and downloads, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is equipped. The integrated GPS receiver can be with Google maps to the GPS.

With 128 MB internal memory you won’t get far with such a high end phone. Fortunately, Sony Ericsson installed a microSD card slot and immediately added to 8 GB card included. The external memory is expandable up to 8 GB.

An audio player as well as also a video player of

the walkman series to bring in is installed, which you can use to watch videos even in 16:9 cinema format. The clear audio and clear bass technology and an equalizer provide good sound quality. Unfortunately was a headphone input this model dispensed.

Sony Ericsson Yari – stylish gaming slider

, The third cell in the bunch is the Sony Ericsson Yari, which particularly focuses on games. The slider can be controlled in many games even through movement. While the front camera is used as sensor that can register the movements of the torso and the arms.

The screen is 2.4 inches tall and has a touch screen. The resolution is also lower than in the other two with 320 × 240 pixels. In the Internet you can get via HSDPA and a GPS receiver is integrated.

The camera features with its 5 megapixel autofocus and an LED flash. The internal memory can be expanded with microSD cards up to 8 GB.

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