Sony Ericsson Vivaz 2: Faster, better, more successful?

, The Vivaz Sony Ericsson despite lavish advertising campaign was not a success. It remained back expectations, although it was actually considered as one of the products of the past year. One can only speculate what was the reason. Much evidence that Symbian has a large proportion of the failure as an operating system. Therefore, now is anything but a good reputation and we has replaced the operating system at the Sony Ericsson Vivaz 2 Android 2.3. But this is not the only reason why the Vivaz 2 makes much better than its predecessor.

Design and processing

, The housing of the Sony Ericsson Vivaz 2 differs not so much from that of its predecessor. A stylish, compact appearance distinguishes the Sony Ericsson smartphone. However, the good impression is relativized as soon as you take the phone in your hand. Since the Vivaz 2 Unfortunately (which seems to be in vogue to be …) completely made of plastic, it acts not very high due to the low weight. Some see this as a benefit, because the Vivaz will see of course this a special light-weight, as well as the Samsung I9000 Galaxy

Technology and equipment

, The Sony Ericsson Vivaz has a lot more under the hood to offer than its predecessor, so much I can anticipate now already. This consistently with the display begins: instead of 3.3 ″ does the Vivaz 2 lush 4 ″ diagonal, which promises a good compromise between readability and ease of use. No OLED display is installed, but Sony has the Bravia technology to the LCD of the Vivaz 2 begeisteuert, which provides for improved contrast and rich colors. The resolution of the Vivaz 2 is specified by Sony Ericsson with 854 × 480 pixels. Display while the display at least on the paper with the iPhone holds 4 retina, but whether the differences are visible, I dare to doubt at this point. As a processor, Sony Ericsson focuses on the Qualcomm processor, MSM7630 doing his service already in the HTC desire Z. However, Sony Ericsson will run it at full speed with one gigahertz and not like Sony Ericsson only at 800 MHz. Einige Tester von haben schon bestätigt, dass diese Hardware für eine sehr gute Arbeitsgeschwindigkeit sorgt. Together with the graphics unit Adreno 205, which is known for currently unmatched level of performance, even the latest games and 3D liquid run applications. Even when the memory there to make no restrictions with 512mb. Of course, even HSPA for fast Internet access, Wi-Fi and A-GPS for navigation via mobile phone is integrated. The battery 1500 mAh is currently common standard and large displays and fast processors also absolute obligation. With heavy use, the Sony Ericsson Vivaz 2 thus holds through probably about a day. Average use use are likely to be about 2 days possible.

Icing on the camera: Exmor R technology

Guarantee for a good photo quality in mobile phones is usually a large sensor. This is usually used in mobile phones is very small, so that the images quickly “ rushing ”, i.e. be disarmed – also entirely independent of the megapixel number. While this problem with the Nokia N8, Nokia has received wonderful in the handle by the Finnish manufacturer simply installed has set sensor in the N8 the largest ever in a cell phone, Sony Ericsson uses the Exmor R technologie#. Here, the light sensitivity is not improved by a particularly large sensor but by a backlight of sensor. That this technology works, can be seen currently wonderfully on the example of the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc. The best look at the test video of the Smartphone. This has as well as the Sony Ericsson Vivaz 2 a 8 megapixel camera with HD video and fast triggers function.

Software: Android 2.3 instead of Symbian

Thank you Sony Ericsson! Finally, an operating system, which runs very fluid and meets modern standards. On the Vivaz 2 Android is installed in the latest version 2.3 What is immediately noticeable also during operation. The operating system responds very quickly. Sony Ericsson here probably deliberately dispenses with the own user interface and provides only the application times landscape (social networks brings together) available. This is probably a positive update ability affect: their own user interfaces that typically ensure the updates on new versions to take much time. We can only hope that Sony Ericsson takes advantage and quickly provides the Android updates.

Availability and price

When Sony Ericsson manages, in a timely manner to the advertised price to bring it on the market a hot candidate for the bargain Smartphone 2011 be the Vivaz 2. Just 320 – the Smartphone with the top features, great display and superior camera will cost 350,-€. Already the Smartphone will be published in April 2011. If you want to be informed as soon as the Sony Ericsson Vivaz 2 with us at the bridgat shop is available, click on the article page of the Smartphone and then “ notification when available ”. If you have entered your E-Mail address, you receive free of charge and without obligation email from us, if we can offer the Smartphone.