Sony Ericsson Xperia arc: Curvy Android Smartphone

Is in the field of smartphones Sony Ericsson rarely highlights: while the quality is generally high, but 10 smartphones could score only Sony Ericsson Xperia X customers. Long ago, are other manufacturers HTC and Samsung, technically continue and are at least as for HTC, significantly spendabler with updates for the software of the mobile phones. Understanding will not change even with the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc, but the new design smartphone from Sony Ericsson is chic. And although it is not on the eternal “ faster, higher, further ” trip with draws, has technically still a lot to offer.


Technical: “ something like that by 2010? ”

The most powerful mobile phones of the year 2010 be self in 2011 through the use of “ dual-core ” processors, processors with two side by side computing cores, is more or less easily be under the table. There already now old even absolute top models, look like the HTC desire HD or iPhone 4, – at least as regards the purely theoretical performance. Sony Ericsson remains conservative on the Xperia arc here, one might almost say from tradition and installed “ only ” a gigahertz processor with a core. In the face of the target group, which is rather aimed at Sony Ericsson appealing design, practicality and quality than on the fastest processor or similar, this is in my opinion a step by Sony Ericsson. Because let’s face it: A dual-core processor is the user for 95% currently pointless, because current gigahertz processors provide more than enough power for a mobile phone with a core. Until dual-core applications are really presentable, probably some time in the country will go. By the way the Adreno inside the Xperia arc 205 graphics unit, what speaks in this regard again for great performance – this GPU is also in the HTC desire HD, and also in the upcoming Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 mini successor. Technically is the Xperia arc probably somewhere between 2010 and 2011.

The display convinces also: 854 × 480 pixels on a diagonal from 4.2 ″ (reality display with mobile BRAVIA® Engine) sound promising, the resolution not match up but always still the iPhone 4. However, should the display provide crisp colors and strong contrast according to initial tests, without this exaggerated what is often criticized on the Super AMOLED displays. Of course there are the fast Internet standard HSDPA, Wi-Fi N and A-GPS. Via a HDMI output videos with a resolution may be issued up to full-HD resolution 1080 p, so 1920 × 1080 pixels. For users then but probably a memory card must purchase in, because the very tight 512 mb internal memory will be sufficient only for the essentials. Maybe Sony Ericsson packs even a micro-SD card included. The camera of Sony Ericsson Xperia arc knippst with 8.1 mega pixels, which is also the skill of its predecessor Xperia X 10. HD video can also be recorded.

Camera with Exmor R camera sensor

The camera of Sony Ericsson Xperia arc has to offer not only despicable 8 megapixel and HD video – 2010 already standard for high-quality Smartphone that was. It is Sony Ericsson, like Apple with the iPhone 4, therefore, to improve the tendetiell weak sensor of the camera. The problem: Unlike digital cameras, only a limited size of the sensor can be installed in mobile phones. This heavily influenced the quality of images and is also responsible that pictures in low light conditions to “ noise ” are starting to be so out of focus. Sony Ericsson can help here by the sensor of the camera was equipped with a backlight, which should provide better images in low light conditions.

Design tidbits Xperia arc

Sony Ericsson continues a consistent way in the design and brings a real treat on the market again with the Xperia arc. While the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 is still fairly clunky therefore came, comes the Xperia arc with a very flat, elegant design. A strong battery with 1500 is mAh lost despite the meantime, which should make for a decent life. With 118 g, the Smartphone is also still pretty easy compared to the competition and is likely to make a fine figure even in gentle female hands. Unfortunately, there is no metal but with the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc, the shiny frame consists of course of plastic. This takes the high quality of the cell phone, in spite of the very noble and schwundgvollen design, a bit once you hold it in your hands. Overall, this is a subjective impression that many don’t bother. Finally, the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is also entirely of plastic and one of the top sellers of 2010

For tech-savvy fitness enthusiasts: ANT +

With the help of ANT + interface do this who with a fitness device wants to connect its Sony Ericsson smartphone and so would like to read out the data, can be. This is an interface that is specifically designed for use with sports equipment, for example, pulse monitors. I.e. using the interface consumes little power and is already a wide range of ANT + Sport devices available. Here the light weight of the phone perfectly of course again, to take it to the running or cycling.

Software: Android 2.3

On videos with the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc an installed version of Android can be seen, according to official information Android 2.3 should be installed however already 2.4. But none of the alternatives is bad, because after all, Android 2.3 is the latest version of the Google operating system up-to-date. Again, the Sony Ericsson is Timescape interface with their complex 3D animations. These are so expensive that they led Xperia X 10 in the Sony Ericsson to slumps in performance every now and then. Thanks Android 2.3 and the Qualcomm chipset of the second generation this will be now but finally liquid possible. In the typical blue color contacts are clean and stylish at the same time arranged here.

Availability and price

The Sony Ericsson arc still on the market is to come in the first quarter. Given the fairly sophisticated software, we were able to see at CES and not revolutionary, but good hardware, this is not unreasonable. The price of €599, Sony Ericsson has applied as recommended retail prices, is probably somewhat unrealistic given the then declining Smartphone prices and must be adjusted downward. For this, the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc on the datasheet provides too little. We will pursue but of course this for you. If you would, as soon as the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc on the market and at bridgat available, simply click on the article page of the Smartphone and then “ notification when available ”. You will receive an email automatically when the mobile phone becomes available.