Sony Ericsson Xperia X 3 – high end Smartphone available from beginning of November?

The Sony Ericsson Xperia X 3 is the most awaited smartphones this year. Of the new top model of Sony Ericsson, largely technical details in the secure form are known, but some rumors are accordingly almost certainly also the truth. Sony announced on his website, that Sony Xperia X 3 will be November 3 officially presented. It remains questionable whether this is equivalent with a launch and if this is performed directly in European countries. Still reason enough for us, the Guide to the legendary Sony Xperia X 3 aka Rachael to summarize.

The world’s fastest mobile phone?

Certainly the Sony Xperia X 3 is not “ the ” fastest phone in the world. Is clear, however, that it has installed the currently most powerful chipset in the world (apart from other phones): the Snapdragon chipset, which is installed in the Toshiba TG01 has 1000 MHz and currently is state of the art in the mobile space. Clear text: more power is currently not!

Multimedia Vollaustattung including

Although the rumor mill bubbling again, but the rumors are staked in a real context, so that here with security, not too much is expected. An 8-megapixel camera with an integrated LED Flash will be included in the Sony Xperia X 3. It is also expected that this camera Sony Ericsson will be typical of high quality. In addition to blink – and smile detection, advanced photo features in any case are expected, so that you can also quietly leave the digital camera in case of doubt at home. It is also clear that the Sony Xperia x 3 HSDPA, HSUPA, Wi-Fi and A-GPS will be integrated. The memory of the Smartphone to let with micro-SD to replenish cards. The onboard memory is not known so far.

4 ″ display with high resolution

One of the highlights of the Sony Xperia X 3 is 4 ″ and a resolution of 800 × 400 pixels wide and sharp touch-screen display. The display will be a TFT display, unfortunately still no OLED technology be used. This may cause but in sunlight even benefits, therefore this point should not be overemphasized. Current TFT display are intense colour and brilliant.

Software: Google’s Android

Like so many top models puts the Sony Xperia X 3 on the Google Android operating system. In the video below you can gain an impression of the software. Whether the Sony Xperia X 3 finally looks like in the video is at least uncertain, because the video is several months old, so here a lot may have changed.

Availability of the Sony Xperia X 3

When the Sony Xperia X 3 in Germany will be available, we can tell you exactly. Speculation will launch on November 3, 2009, what would make sense here of course also by the name. When you be reminded of us would (of course free of charge), you look when the Sony Xperia X 3 is available on our article page.