Sony Ericsson ’ s Twiggy and Bao – new pictures leaked

In last autumn, first pictures of a Sony Ericsson mobile phone, which carries the code name Twiggy, were surfaced on the net. Now there are new and photos from an other phone named Bao are also circulating on the net.

About the Twiggy and the Bao is not all too known. It is not even sure whether these two models will succeed on the market at all. Nevertheless, there is great interest and get some information to the public:

the Twiggy should most likely be traded as a successor model of the clamshell Walkman phone W350.  A flap protects the buttons with which you can control the music player. In the photos, you will see a button on the play and pause symbol can be seen on the door. Thus it is on the player so also in closed or can turn off. Nothing is externally on the photos to see a skip – or volume button. What you see is that the built-in camera has 3.2 mega pixels. Some sources talk 3 G connectivity or widgets support even from a display resolution of 320 × 240 pixels, but speculations are that.

Less is known about the Bao. It is a clamshell in a honeycomb design that strongly reminds of the Nokia 7070 Prism. So far nothing is known about technical equipment or strength of the built-in camera. The Bao is on the photos quite big, what hope can be on more.

Overall, these two models are no groundbreaking new product introductions and will, as far as they should succeed on the market, be more likely to find in the lower price segment. If you are interested in music phones or folding phones, you will find it in the mobile shop by

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