Sony Playstation 4 Software Update

In the bridgat mobile phone shop we will provide of course again the game console Sony PlayStation 4 for you, so that they can be financed in the bridgat mixer or in offerings with a mobile contract. We want the console of in this article, the next generation imagine like what hardware, has to offer the Sony PlayStation 4 online features and games and appears when the console in Germany. In advance a few words about the concept of the Sony PlayStation 4, which in the prior with the pithy term “ core gaming ” was described. This means that Sony wants to focus such as Microsoft multimedia features, but it mainly in the playing with the console is – of course online features are available but only the networking not as extreme fails with the home TV as when the also upcoming Xbox one.

Hardware specifications: A small Games PC

The largest and probably at the same time revolutionary change of the PlayStation 4 is the architecture. The PlayStation 3 was equipped with a unique cell processor, Sony is now on a more favourable and simple version from the House of AMD, which is very close to those of current gaming PCs. This should reduce the costs at Sony and at the same time improve the multimedia capabilities of the PlayStation 4 – it is so easy to develop games for the PlayStation 4 and at the same time as the Xbox one or the PC.

Here are the hardware specifications in the overview:

All in all can be really seen the PlayStation 4. In every respect, targeting the gaming offers better fundamentals than the competition from the Microsoft Home: the memory of the Xbox one is slower (DDR3 + 32mb faster eSRAM), the graphics card weaker ( speaks more theoretical performance of 50%), the hard disk is not interchangeable and an additional processor ARM-based can be also missing console Microsoft. There are also advantages, such as more extensive multimedia features, but the sheer performance data in favour of the PlayStation 4 surprisingly this: 399,-€, the retail price should be even 100,-€ on the RRP of the Xbox one.

The next generation games

To the release of the PlayStation 4 between 29 November and 31 December 2013, over 30 games will be available. I want to restrict me here but only on some of the highlights – partly also some known pearls find themselves, that get a sequel for the PlayStation 4 in graphics scoring on. Among other things the graphically polished first-person shooter battlefield 4, which should ensure with really spectacular graphics on the PlayStation 4 especially for exciting multiplayer battles is one of these special highlights. If you want it faster as at battlefield, which should be the shooter call of duty: ghosts look at – there’s of course dozen opponents and spectacular battles on a grand scale to impose.

FIFA 14 is also a classic that should not be missing on the PlayStation 4. Real graphics highlight title he won’t think, benefit he might but by the evolved game pad that must occur according to the first reports really easily in the hand. The same is true in terms of sports games probably for Madden 25 (football) and NBA 2K14.

A racing game of à la Gran Turismo is also – whether the game drive Club but really reference approaches to scope and quality of the racing game, I can not say at present graphically the whole thing definitely looks very appealing and there are also licenses for vehicles, so that their real vehicles manufacturer can go. But the original will be available with Gran Turismo 6 on 6 December 2013 – the reference title for the PlayStation 4 will surely highlights at all. At this point I would like to not go on the games – you look at best a video to get a feel for the graphics power of the Sony PlayStation 4.

Additional functions and online access

first the positive news: the PlayStation 4 requires no online access and runs completely offline and all games can be run according to Sony without an online account and resell. Must play online for you to create an account, which costs around €50 for a full year (“ PlayStation plus ”). There should also be a portal for movies and television series (“ Sony unlimited ”). Probably because of the skepticism of the user when the Xbox one camera Kinect has Sony now arguably against the extradition of the in-house camera solution “ Sony eye ” decided together with the PlayStation 4 – but of course in addition to acquire lets the camera for gesture control.

Sony PlayStation 4 release

November 29, 2013 in Europe in the shops come at a price of 399,-€

that to Sony PlayStation 4. We will of course try to provide as quickly as possible good deals in connection and this offered a mobile contract for the new Sony console with also in the bridgat mixer you.