Sony Xperia i1 honing Ami: Competition for ’ s Nokia Lumia 1020?

Been a while wandering through the Sony Xperia i1 honing Ami in the rumor mill ’ s net as new Super smartphone from Sony with a high quality camera that almost crying, competitor for the Nokia Lumia 1020 to be. Although it is not advertised with insane 41 megapixels, but still very large images of the format with 20.7 mega pixels. But the Sony Xperia i1 honing Ami is an Android Smartphone that can delight in a technical sense.

Emphasis of the i1 honing Ami Sony Xperia is clearly the camera. This is with a 1/2.3 ″ image sensor fitted, which corresponds to the current compact camera sensor size. Thus the Smartphone will not begin keep up 1020 with the significantly larger sensor of the Nokia Lumia (1/1, 2 ″), is but want but may be an interesting alternative for those who want good photos and at the same time, a high-end Smartphone with a large display. Because with 5 ″ diagonal (full-HD with X-reality engine) owned the Xperia i1 honing Ami already to the so-called Phablets. It is equipped processor with the latest Snapdragon 800, which pulses with four cores à 2,2 GHz. The new generation of processors to significantly surpass the predecessor, which is E.g. in the HTC one. 2 gb RAM, 16 gb internal memory (micro SD can be used cards to the extension does), LTE and a large 3000mAh battery also belong to the large Smartphone features. Earlier rumors by the way but by a slightly larger image sensor went out (in about 1/1.5 ″) – I however for unlikely, think this because the Xperia i1 honing Ami should be a camera phone in the focus and Sony will want to let sure did not like the Nokia Lumia 1020 protrude the camera on the back, which would be necessary with such a large sensor. As at the Sony Xperia Z or even at the coming Sony Xperia Z Ultra is also the Xperia i1 honing Ami an IP55/IP57 received certification.

, The Android Smartphone is currently just rumor. It is however expected to a publication against end of 2013 to offer the Apple iPhone 5 S Paroli.