Sony Xperia T: Smartphone with Android in the check

The next top model Sony is

soon as Sony with the Sony Xperia ion has a new Android flagship in the program, even with the Xperia T raring. Because of the leap in performance by the Sony Xperia S on the ion was relatively small, the question again arises: should you access T the new top model Xperia or stay S and Xperia Xperia ion whether the lower price the better alternatives?

The technical data I had to clip really, if it is not ion the Xperia to the Xperia T and the name comes from a prototype may still. But in fact: Differences do exist, if not particularly pronounced. So it is a similar picture, as it is still a comparison between Sony Xperia ion and the “ old ” Sony Xperia S has shown. The differences of the Smartphones with Android are in detail. Learn more about the Sony Xperia T in Smartphone-check in the bridgat blog.

Design and processing: typical Sony!

The Sony Xperia T 5 g lighter has in comparison to the Sony Xperia ion. With 136 g’s is pretty easy, despite his size (128x67x9mm) what is because that only plastic is used as material. Anyway, the Sony Xperia looks T quite handsomely, even if I the aluminum back of the Xperia ion a little Miss. Be available should the Sony Xperia T in the colors black, white and silver. Although housing is not a unibody, anything like a cast works thanks to the low clearances.

Hardware and equipment

The display of the Sony Xperia is T with 4.6 ″ adequately large and has a crisp resolution amounting to 1280 × 720 pixels. It is equipped with Sony’s BRAVIA Engine and will therefore provide a particularly good image quality. In initial tests, the image was described as very good, but unfortunately the display is not angle stable as other displays in the high-end category, like for example the Apple iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Fired the whole as for the alleged predecessor is by a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor. There are at least 16 gb card can be expanded via Microsd (up to 32 gb) as internal memory. HSPA, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, Bluetooth and even NFC is available. This is the current, but still little common wireless standard LTE. The appealing hardware package is complemented by a strong 13 megapixel camera that delivers compelling images thanks to Sony’s Exmor R sensor even in low light conditions. This video can be recorded with 1080 p (i.e., full HD at 1920 × 1080 pixels). The front camera delivers also HD video at 720 p, which should be sufficient for video telephony in good quality. Battery using 1850mAh should a normal for this hardware package, if not also outstanding battery life (about 1 to 2 days average utilization).

Conclusion: Xperia T vs. Xperia ion

Sony has with the Xperia T once again competing in-house developed. Already the Sony Xperia S and the Xperia ion differ actually not so, I would pay the extra charge for the Xperia ion –, unless you just prefer the more elegant material appearance of newer smartphones. The Xperia T and the ion is similar. It is worth to reconcile the existing differences on the point, not really, because they are really only subtly present. The camera with the Xperia T has a mega pixels, it is slightly lighter and has a slightly different design without aluminium back.

The Sony Xperia T should be as of the end of September in the bridgat shop. If duInteresse on the device, you can be informed gladly free of charge, if the Smartphone with Android is available in the bridgat shop. To do this you simply click T on the article page of the Sony Xperia and there on “ notification when available ”. Once the cell phone is available, you will receive an email from us automatically – of course free of charge!