Sony Xperia Z successor: Sony Xperia Z1 (aka honing Ami or i1)

* Update 20.09.13 * Sony Xperia Z1 is now in the bridgat shop in stock and available. We have provided the official product video for the new Sony Smartphone (in german) see the article you at the end of the detailed article to Sony Xperia Z1. You can find also the German commercial for the Sony Xperia Z1 under this article.

* Update 04.09.13 * the top model Sony Xperia Z1 was well presented and the previous rumors have come true. It is a 5 ″ has become Phablet with elegant housing, which is very similar to its predecessor, but slightly thicker (8, 5 mm instead of 7. 9mm) and heavier (170 g instead of 146 g). The edges made round so that it should be aluminum and glass now gently in your hand despite the hard materials.


Sony attaches particular importance to the camera: this is not only a megapixel monster with 20.7 megapixels, but goes with compact camera Exmor CMOS image sensor (1/2.3 “), Aperture f 2.0 and 27 mm wide angle lens on touting. The extra lenses appear often together with the Sony Xperia Z1 which are by the way their own camera and do not use the integrated camera technology. Therefore, we present this in a separate article. The battery of the Xperia Z1 should contain whopping 3000 mAh and as usual the Smartphone IP55/58 is certified (water and dust resistance). 4K-video offers the Sony Smartphone but contrary to the rumors in the prior, a pretty useless feature is likely to be but also currently (Acer try S2 anyway with the liquid).

Perhaps the long guesswork to the name of the new Xperia top model has an end. Initially circulated the new top model of Sony as “ honing Ami ”, later as a honing Ami Z1 or i1 and now Xperia Z1, what sounds after a final name for the Android Smartphone. Quite likely, Sony Xperia Z1 is the successor of the successful Sony Xperia Z. Accordingly the first technical specifications of the high-end smartphones read imposing.

Is the Xperia Z1 – inasmuch as the previous rumors confirm – look visually not significantly different than the Xperia Z.  There’s no reason at all but, finally Sony has created for the first time a unique and high-quality design Z with the Xperia, that iPhone 5 and HTC one is not in. With lots of glass and metal also Xperia Z1 will feel again high and also quite flat with supposedly no more than 8, 3 mm deep (but not so record like the Huawei Ascend P6 …). Also wassser – and dust-resistant like the Xperia Z and the Xperia Z ultra to be again the successor.


The display of the Xperia Z1 to round 5 ″ be great and dissolve with full HD (1920 × 1080 pixels). Also ultra should be like when the Xperia Z the Sony Triluminous technology used, which has helped the Phablet to again better image quality, had to offer as the Xperia Z already. On the hardware side a fast Snapdragon 800 should like also at the Phablet Sony Xperia Z Ultra chipset quad-core processor and 2 gb of memory are used. The 16 gb internal memory should be expandable with a Microsd card. At the 20.7 megapixel Sony camera relies on an image processor (“ Bionz ”), which also in SLR cameras in a similar form is used, to further increase the quality of the image. LTE to be used also for the Sony Xperia Z1. Reportedly, the device will officially be presented in September. With a release this year is to be expected! Also a mini variant is probably (probably Sony Xperia Z1 mini) come of smartphones on the market, which supposedly comes with the same powerful hardware on the market, but only 4.3 ″ display diagonal has (see report).

Technology video to Sony Xperia Z1:

Commercial for the Sony Xperia Z1: