Special to Apple iOS 7

* Update 21.12.13 * iOS 7 (operating system) has now established the “flat” optics. Apple iOS published 7.1 as a beta version for developers. It is a real innovation. There are also optical changes that improve the readability of text.

Special to Apple iOS 7

* Update 16.09.13 * We have somewhat expanded the article and explain the features around the dynamic wallpapers (3D and panoramic wallpaper). Under the article, you’ll find videos where you can see the new features. The new operating system iOS 7 should be available for all Apple smartphones and tablets.

AppleiOS is considered secure due to its unity, resource-efficient and fast. At the same time, Android shows how a system can evolve: the extensive possibilities for the personalization, the variety of functions and the possibilities to change the operating system missing Apple iOS totally.

Optic – less is more

So far, three-dimensional crafted symbols characterize the iOS optics 6. It visually has changed since the early days of the Apple operating system. Apple’s Chief Designer Jony Ive has not splash out and changes anything that is at all possible.


This begins with the symbols that a “ cleaneren ” style get that fits even the factual appearance of the iPhone. At the same time there will be 7: something more colorful and powerful than IOS in the operating system. The style of the operating system remains is largely faithful, symbols are lined up, and folder structures can be created etc, but the look reminiscent of the style produced quite the also simple Windows 8 style. A nice weather app with animated rain, snow, storm … that’s been included, visually much makes.

Panoramic wallpapers and dynamic wallpapers

Despite the simplicity which iOS 7 emits, there are still some nice gimmicks which seem to be inspired by the competition. Unlike in Android (“ live wallpaper ”) it is independently run by the movement of the iPhon. There are so-called panoramic wallpaper. These are background images with moving with the rotation of the Smartphone.

The new wallpapers, which create a 3D effect, as they move with the movement of mobile phones, are similar to playful, but somehow fascinating parallax effect. This dynamic wallpaper exploit the gyroscope of iPhones to implement the movements directly in an image change.