Straps: Tips, How to Choose

Women love accessories, because they are very important, in addition to the look. But not only that. The accessories also help to disguise undesirable details of the body and enhance their attributes. The belts between the objects that most call the attention of women. Today, they not only useful when you need to hold a clothes to the body. They are important allies to give harmony to the visual. However, the power of the belts is bigger than you think. You can’t choose anyone, because it’s beautiful. You need to check if the model will actually promote the look. When you don’t know How to use seat belts, you can put the production at risk.

Tips for using seat belts

We have selected some tips to use belts, so that they do not look like just another woman’s body. Do you not understand? So, let’s see. Firstly, it should be borne in mind that not all models of belts fall well, on any body type. These accessories are divided into physical form. Depending on your size and positioning, the straps can cause the body’s different ways than actually exist. People with a lot of bust, for example, should avoid them, just below the breasts, as these will seem even bigger. Similarly, how much thicker the accessory, the worse will be the bust and the rest of the body, if the woman is overweight. The same goes for women quite curvy. It is better to opt for a skinny model.

In the image above, we see a thick belt, with wide and shoulder dress down. This type of production, even for skinny, doesn’t bode well. The large accessory, associated with the wide fabric, flattens the trunk. It would have been better a piece more adjusted to the bust. Similarly, this sort of thing doesn’t look good with thin belt, because this would go away, amid the fabric.

If you want to mark the waist belt, the tip is to opt for wider bottoms or rounds. So, you can also disguise the protruding belly. It is also important to check the fabric of clothes. The more sophisticated, more simple should be the belt. Opt for plain models, without buckles and other adornments.

How to choose belts

To Choose belts, the tip is to be based on the information above. Another tip is to observe the color and the material of the accessory. In order to take advantage of purchase, you must make sure that the belt will match at least five or six types of clothing. Is indicated give preference to more neutral colors, like black, nude or coffee, which provide numerous combinations.

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