Studies show: popular online gaming like never before

Now online games even in television advertising did it: right entertaining shows itself as the TV series “ A-team ” known Mr. T or the fantastic four in commercials for the online game world of Warcraft (short WoW). This shows that these games have become very socially acceptable and not more hobby of a few “ geeks ”. Also on the cell phone is increasingly played, how recent studies prove.

BITKOM according to one-eighth of all U.S. citizens over 14 years the IT industry association once online play. Especially the young generation between 14 and 29 years likes to play on the Internet: almost every second (around 45%) in this age group uses the opportunity of online games.

Easy games that run in principle on each phone, are very popular: including before all things Sudoku, crosswords and other knowledge and rebus, which means not too much time. Most of online gamers use the small games for between meals directly in the Web browser (73 percent), mostly on the home PC. But smartphones like the Samsung S8000, or the brand new HTC Hero, are already popular in this area now and are becoming increasingly important in this area.

Games Mobile phones at a glance

in addition to the normal mobile phones with the small games for in between and there’s also some real games mobile phones with special features the Smartphones. Nokia has for example the N85 on sale. The mobile phone is can be with a Bluetooth joystick shipped with the games. You can also connect the Nokia N85 via cable to a TV. The N85 is so even to the portable game console. Although Sony Ericsson has given me the F305 a games Mobile offer. The games can be controlled via the navigation buttons as well as movement. As known by the Nintendo Wii, the F305 also has a motion sensor. The latest coup by Sony Ericsson does Yari and is the professional of mobile forge upcoming games. We reported on the Yari already here. All phones are available as gewohn in the mobile shop by