Summer 2017: Trends In Swimwear

Variety of shapes and styles; colors and prints for all tastes;bikinis or smifinished. I chose the better feel you, but following the trend.

Find the right swimsuit as described in swimming garment takes its time; hours and hours of tests in the mirror of the tester has its prize and when we find the indicated, do not want to change it to the following season. But fashion changes and trends they are renewed.

This summer 2017, smifinished mesh back with everything. That Yes, the necklines are quite risky, but always flattering if carried with style. This so classic garment became something more youthful.

For two-piece swimsuits , vintage style is essential. Bikinis with high panties and tops with pretty fabric, style crop tops. The disadvantage? They are not comfortable when making Sun and marks may not be welcome. If it seems to you that you will not get accustomed, the classic triangle bodice continues.

Colors. The tones chosen for this season are the neutral (grey and Navy Blue), cakes (sky blue and Rose Quartz) and the vibrant Fuchsia, Orange and red. One of the options for this summer are the stripes (broad stripes come with everything), but also the geometrical games will be much: rays in zig zag, triangles and circles.

But, in addition to stripes, stamping is another strong point. And, if it is tropical, much better. At this point it must be borne in mind that the pattern must be cared for; otherwise, it will be nice.

Among the most prominent are the plants that combine fruit and very vibrant colors. You’ll also find flowers, leaves and a variety of animals.

Highlights. The sports top, deep necklines in smifinished ultracavadas, flown, fringes and laces cross.

How much does it cost

Bikini. From $500

One-piece. From $990

Wrapped bodice. From $280

Bishop. From $150