Super Mario Is Not Run on Android, Beware of Clones

One of the releases most anticipated for those who possess a terminal of Apple is Super Mario Run, a strong effort by Nintendo to get into the world of mobile games. The game is basically a three-screen demo before having to pay €9,99 If you want to continue enjoying it.

Even so, while the ‘endless runner’ type games offer is very wide, more than one is waiting for the arrival of Super Mario Run to our operating system. Come, come, but it will still take awhile, so we recommend that you have patience until announcing his arrival to Google Play.

In fact the impatience of more than one can lead you to search by the network of networks an apk’s Super Mario Run, mistakenly thinking that it will be enough until you arrive at our store. Unfortunately, the only thing that you will find will be a malware installed on your smartphone instead of the game.

It must be clarified that at the moment that is being drafted this post there is no apk that ensures you to be Super Mario run circulating out there, but wouldn’t it be very crazy to think that someone with bad intentions is thinking in taking advantage of this ‘boom’ that is causing the iOS game to attack Android.

So if you see any apk online claiming to be Super Mario Run or a clone of yours, avoid at all costs to download it, you can have a surprise that you won’t. If you want clones of the game, the best thing is that you visit Google Play and in the search bar put “Super Jungle” or “Super Plumber Run” and there you will have all the clones you want without any malware.

Why has Super Mario Run not come to Android yet?

Very probably until the coming year (for what’s left…) we cannot see the Super Mario Run in our app store, and it is that you apart from that Apple has the temporary exclusivity of the game, There are more reasons why Nintendo have not done us getting the game, mostly shielded safety.

According to Shigeru Miyamoto, Nintendo they wanted to reassure the person that is downloading the game that it is a completely secure application and that there will be way to hack it with bad intentions. In summary, they want to avoid what happened with the release of Pokémon GO a few months ago, where there was a risk of the apk to hide malware and you need to check if it was safe or not.

In addition, Miyamoto said that they wanted to take advantage of the different modes of the game Super Mario Run need an internet connection to keep the safe application. I.e., that wherever you go, if you want to play you a game, you need Wi-Fi or your mobile data. Whatever it is, we hope that the launch of the new game from Nintendo is not too delayed to try it on our terminals.