Swiss Smartwatch Startup iWatch

Not afraid of the iWatch: The Swiss luxury Smartwatch startup Hyetis faces a possible release of the smart Apple clock left. Even with only a Smartwatch on offer, also not even shipped Hyetis regards the hype around Apple rather than free advertising for the genus of these wearables.
So the Apple would cause iWatch Smartwatches being known as a whole, said the head of Hyetis according to the trade newspaper inan interview with Wirtschaftsblatt “L’agefi”. That would in turn has apositive impact on the sale of the own watch. Apple may have technical Know-How, but no experience in the field of luxury watches.
Smartwatch with 48 MP camera?
The clock “Crossbow” by Hyetis self funded through Crowdfunding is a combination of the highest technical standards and a sporty luxury exterior. It will offer, including a heart rate monitor and temperature and altitude. The heart is a two-core ARM A9 processor that is clocked at 1.2 GHz. 64 GB available space are the owner. The weighing 170 grams clock should even be able to recognize gestures – and be waterproof up to a depth of 250 metres.
The most outstanding feature of the watch should be but their camera, which aimed at MP with a resolution of rich 48 shots. They canthen be transferred via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The crossbow Smartwatch also has GPS and NFC and can be recharged by induction. On derInternetseite by Hyetis to pre-order the luxury Smartwatch for theprice of 1200 dollars, but is not sure when this also appears.
Hyetis has delivered yet no watch
With such features and the settlement in the luxury segment Hyetisshould not worry really, that the iWatch is a serious competition. The crossbow is to bring all health features, iWatch – cancelled after the and in addition even still incredible extras such as the 48 MP camera.
Because it also is easy to describe the cautious steps of the competition as “timid”. But a situation throws a not quite tiny shadow on the matter: Hyetis has moved the expected shipping date of the previously paid luxury smart watches several times backwards. The Declaration of the last delay was that the programming of the bolt chip, which is the heart of the watch, take unexpectedly long time to complete. Currently a release around Christmas is expected by the company 2014, which would have delayed already for more than a year of shipping for some customers.