T-Mobile: VoIP and tethering off now

Not too long ago we reported about it, that the network provider O2 applications (so the telephony over the Internet) for VOIP free opens its network. Also Vodafone now has the Internet telephony in the offer, requires a monthly deduction from €9,95 up to maximum €29.95 but (depending on the contract). Also the price policy at T-Mobile looks: here is now also VOIP and tethering available.

Voice over IP – Internet telephony

as opposed to Vodafone is the maximum fee for VoIP but at €14.95 a month. In the best case, it comes with a fee of €9,95 (only on L, 1200) with T-Mobile in the business. The T-Mobile spokesman Georg Pölzl stressed this supplement, it was necessary to prepare the networks on the higher burden and to cover costs. It is unreasonable to kill the cost of network expansion on all customers who use no Internet telephony and burdening the network of less.

Tethering – the mobile phone as a modem

At T-Mobile, tethering is expressed with somewhat dusty language “ modem use ” and is for 20,-€ per month provided an additional volume of three gigabytes.

Additional costs justified?

If O2 it is possible for customers free VoIP to deploy, then why is not possible this with T-Mobile or Vodafone also? Be justified the additional costs for the customer that the network load multiply through the Internet telephony and the costs to the detriment of all customers should simply be added to all contracts.

, The operator so far saw danger in overloading the networks with the Internet telephony and of course sacrificing the business with the normal telephone conversation. This is however unfounded, that many flat rates offered and also Skype for normal telephony is not in vain. Thus, the competition to the normal phone calls is not necessarily given.
It is also not to be expected that Internet telephony as a large enjoys popularity in the near future, that here the network must be expanded by T-Mobile. Therefore, I think that the way of O2 is currently the correct: VoIP applications should be offered for free.

, Anders looks it for tethering. Here, to use the mobile phone, Smartphone or PDA as a modem. The commercial behavior of Smartphone and laptop but is fundamentally different, and the speed with which you are in the network. Also the “ right ” representation of pages sometimes significantly larger amounts of data used for the customized mobile versions. Ultimately is here so buyers, who often use tethering to expect that to come here larger amounts of data together a financing need.
Also the offer of the tethering is not only mere permission to use this service, but also as an effective extension of the download volume in the Treaty.

The one on the IPhone must note

On the IPhone you can also book the VoIP and tethering options from T-Mobile. Especially in this regard the IPhone to are those with users, who use the Internet much, it is also reasonable at first glance. But there is no software, the voice currently in the app store supports. Customers can come here only on detours on this software, mostly linked to a loss of warranty.
Therefore this offer for IPhone is customer currently unattractive although there certainly will be opportunities in the future (E.g. via Google Talk) to take advantage of Internet telephony.

Longtime IPhone customers had placed on the heart, to look again in their contract. Contracts of the first generation have no explicit restriction, what is tethering – so the IPhoneblog reported. The incurred otherwise €20 per month costs are therefore play no role.

Your mobile dominates no voice or tethering?

No reason to shoot it like an American IPhone publicly did users recently. We have many mobile phones, smartphones and Web phones that have these skills at bridgat.com in the shop. By the way, Google is already working on the implementation of the software Google talk for the IPhone, so also this Smartphone will support in the near future VoIP. At the moment there is but no official software in the Appstore, the VoIP allows, so that the T-Mobile offer for IPhone users at the moment is misleading.