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The Neck of Lamb’s Ralph Lauren Jacket: The Success of The Winter

Attention boys followers of Mensencia of the world: we will issue one of the Star trends of the moment. Like military boots from Burberry, today we can safely say that the collar lined in lamb’s wool coats will be the success of the cold. Many designers have opted for them during the weeks of the English, American and Italian fashion. Continue reading

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{Place in the Sun # 47} My Top 3 // Eyeshadow Pallets

Two weeks have passed since the last Top 3 blog parade. So there will be time for the next round and you would have liked the theme of Top 3 eyeshadow pallets. A difficult subject, which I admit a long time ago. On the one hand, it is difficult for me to restrict myself to three, on the other hand, eye shadow is not used daily (see also my Top 3 Beauty Essentials ). Today, however, I would like to take up the challenge and hope you will be diligent. I am curious about which three eyeshadow pallets you will decide. Continue reading

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