News app: of the Cologne regional court to be inadmissible

The dispute between the ARD and the Federal Association of German newspaper publishers (BDZV) has found now at least a temporary end before the regional court of Cologne. The Court declared: the news app in the version by June 15, 2011 is prohibited.

The fundamental dispute however is not that off the table, because the judgment revolves only around just this one day and change the contents of the app daily. Fundamental problem: With its tele-media-based offers public broadcasting could compete with the press party. This is not intended by the legislator: according to § 11 d II No. 3 are broadcasting treaty “ not broadcast-related press similar offerings […] not allowed ”. Constitutionally, however, the stock is at the same time, and guarantees the development of public service broadcasting so that apps on Smartphones and Internet pages, to a certain extent part of his job. In consequence of the ruling, it is expected that the newspaper publishers now compete with a strengthened position in renewed negotiations with the ARD.