Talkline T-Mobile Max sim only flat M – so he never was cheap!

, Everything is expensive! Tighten the gasoline, the cars, the food, even the electricity and gas prices. “ Everything used to be better ” there’s some people in mind. But that’s not true! Why not? Quite simply, because calls will be cheaper. Now even really cheap, with the Talkline T-Mobile Max flat M sim only – so he never was cheap!


Now at the Talkline T-Mobile Max flat M sim only for monthly only 14.99 euros at mobile shop by bridgat. You will receive while no new phone, but not everyone needs a new phone. You get a brilliant plan for properly narrow money for it. Free and so long you want to make phone calls to German landlines and in the German T-mobile network. In network quality and to each time. Also, the calls to your voicemail service are free of charge. Each SMS in all German networks is only 0.19 euros.

How much can I save?

Simple answer: lots of coal! As the tariff of T-Mobile Max flat M regular costs 29.95 euro. The first year you get 50% of the basic fee by Talkline, and in the second year, you get the 50% of the basic fee (in the form of a one-off payment) by Thus, you will receive the discount on the entire term of the contract. That’s a savings of over $350 on the contract period of 24 months. Did you save it somewhere so much money? Then tell me, but please know!

Where can I get the great offer?

This and many more great deals you get at cell phone shop by – the online shop for mobile phones and mobile phone contracts. Here you will find all action tariffs and always the latest phones in the overview.