Technically great, legally precarious: Drones pizza delivery service

, Drones are because of the drones currently on everyone’s lips, mostly rather debacle around our defense and the otherwise difficult to looking through legal situation in Germany in the movies with drones. Despite the currently negative reporting: Technically it would be pretty awesome if you supply food for themselves with a drone. You just flies over the jam across, provides the food always warm and also like to directly on the Lake, where you just fish. The British have even tested it!

Is clear the whole action PR for a UK pizza delivery chain, but the idea itself has been appealing. We want to share with of course that the readers of the blog bridgat. See the video at the end of the article. Drones can be incidentally wonderfully controlled with Smartphones, such as for example the Apple iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy S4. But still’s will be something comfortable if you control such drones with a bigger display per tablet. We also recommend the easily transportable Apple iPad mini or the Samsung Galaxy tab 8.9, which is housing a real lightweight for its class thanks to Polycabonat.