The Benefits of Yoga

A month of this modality and the benefits of Yoga will be immediately noticed. You will notice more flexibility, strength, body more defined, good mood and well-being.

The Benefits of Yoga

The Yoga is great for working your flexibility and strength. Any person can practice, is not only for those who manage to touch your toes or want to meditate. There will come with time because, in truth, Yoga is much more than the asanas.


The benefits of Yogafor both the body and the mind are scientifically proven and it is them who are going to talk.


A Yoga class should begin with a few minutes of meditation, to calm the body, mind and focus. Followed by asanas, the prânayâmas (breathing exercises), chanting and finishes with meditation.

The asanas are the postures of Yoga, which in sanskrit means posture comfortable and balanced. The aim of asanas is to balance the physical, mental and spiritual into one.

The Yoga, combined with vegetarianism and meditation, can really change your life.


Today we present 9 reasons why you should choose this modality. The benefits of Yoga are more visible during your regular practice.

  1. There are asanas that you will seem impossible but, with practice, not only gets easier as you notice that one of the first benefits will be the correction of the posture and the relief of general aches and pains. All this thanks to the strengthening of the muscles and greater flexibility.
  2. The benefits of Yoga are identical to activities such as running, cycling or aerobics. An effective alternative in the improvement and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, especially for people with reduced physical tolerance.
  3.  The regular practice of Yoga helps to increase the good cholesterol, the HDL, decrease the bad cholesterol, the LDL, to lower blood pressure, improve heart rhythm and reduce the body mass index.
  4. The cartilages act as a sponge, in need of movement, of being squeezed to receive nutrients. Regular practice and a variety of asanas keeps your cartilage healthy and strong.
  5. Many asanas require that lift and support the weight of the which helps to strengthen bones and prevent fractures and diseases, like osteoporosis. The regular practice of Yoga increases bone density in the vertebrae.
  6. The prânayâmas allow an excellent oxygenation at the pulmonary and brain, increase the respiratory capacity, the heart rate, stimulate the concentration and purify the body.
  7. When you contract and stretch the muscles, the organs will stirring, and the change of postures increases the lymphatic drainage. This helps fight infections and removes toxic wastes.
  8. Yoga encourages you to relax, slow down the breath and concentrate on the present. Stabilizes the nervous system and is a powerful instrument in the reduction of stress, as well as in the decrease of anxiety and depression. The mental and emotional balance comes out favored.
  9. The regular practice of yoga improves coordination, reaction time and memory. Practitioners of Transcendental Meditation demonstrate the ability to solve problems, acquire and recall information better. Maybe because they distract themselves less with their thoughts.