The Right Watch for the Fashionable Outfit

Faster than we could think, we are now in 2015 and the memory of the recently completed holidays fades more and more. It is amazing how long you prepare yourself internally for Christmas and New Year’s Eve and how quickly everything goes away again. But for trendsetters there is nothing better than to deal with the latest trends of the coming season. Judging from the weather, you can not really say exactly what season we are in, because the temperatures are driving on the roller coaster and Peter can not decide whether it should rain, hail or storm and just send the round-pack package.

It is so much nicer to get a closer look at the trends of the coming season with such a drudge. We girls really like it when everything fits together and the outfit should not only consist of upper and lower part. Of course, this also includes the matching shoes, as well as a watch and the right bag. Whom can you consult when it comes to trends better than the Vogue? And I read at the same time that sneakers will remain an issue in the coming season, thank God, because my Nike Air Max Thea ( found here ) I have been allowed to do far too rarely last summer, so I can still make up. So would we be at the same time in the theme of casual and which watch fits into it? I like it too, if the rather casual look is a little interruption and would be synonymous with the sneaker outfit to the gold Michael Kors with colored dial or the silver version of Marc by Marc Jacobs with black dial. For this one can combine a bag in a fashionable pastel, because sorbet tones are totally new in the new season.

The gentlemen of creation can of course also reach either stainless steel or choose a classic leather bracelet. Nixon definitely offers the right watch for everyone and has long since been a well-known brand outside of the surfer and snowboard world. Men are still wearing the successful mix of classy and casual in the coming season, so the trendy Diesel watch in XXL fits the casual boots, jeans and the stylish shirt. Big topic at Ladies and Gents is still the Preppy-Schick, which is also wonderfully served by Daniel Wellington and we will not get enough of this year.