These Are The 20 Finalists of Google Play Indie Game Contest European, and One of Them Is Spanish

In September of last year I listabamos the 7 winners of the competition of Independent Games Festival Google play. That Edition was only open for participants from United States and Canada, but it was expected that the event would also to Europe.

So it has been, and from 22 November has begun the process of submission of applications and selection of the finalists. Now we have to the 20 finalists, with varied entries coming from all corners of Europe, including a representative of Spain. These are the games that, from among more than a thousand applications Google has stood out for its level of innovation, fun, excellence in design and technical quality and production.

From Spain, Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump

Google has introduced the finalists alphabetically but I have taken the freedom to start with him that we have closer: Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump, Spanish developers Platonic Games, based in Madrid.

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump is a colorful and adorable platform game where you must skip non-stop avoiding obstacles and collecting hearts, stars, and Piñatas for the road. Easy to play, difficult to master.

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump1.0.3

  • Version of Android: Since 2.3
  • Developer: Platonic Games
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Arcade

From France, four candidates

The country with more representatives in this independent games contest is France, with four tickets. Three of these games are now available for download on Google Play, with one to be attached later, coming soon.

  • Gladiabots: interesting concept (which you can see in the video above) in which you will have to program the artificial intelligence of your combat robot using a structure of nested conditions and orders.
  • egz: puzzle game with a very own aesthetic in which you must keep your life to your ‘egz’ dodging obstacles and eliminating the bosses.
  • Lost in Harmony: game with an impeccable presentation in which you need to follow the beat of the music while dodging obstacles along the way.
  • Unworded: this game of puzzle with words unfortunately is not yet available in Google Play.

In the Netherlands, three candidates

The next country with more representatives is Netherlands, with three candidates to become the award on Feb. 16 at the Saatchi Gallery in London. Two of them are already available in Google Play, and the third will come later.

  • Crap! I’m broke: (video above) funny game in which you take control of a person with the portfolio empty and you must do everything you need, such as washing dishes or working in a burger bar to make ends meet, and do not die of hunger.
  • Rusty Lake Roots: adventure ‘point and click’ where you have to unlock the mysteries as you unlock the history of your family tree.
  • Hidden Folks: this type game “where’s Waldo?” (or Waldo) not yet available on Google Play, and is expected to hit next month.

The other finalists

Here ends the separation of the finalists by countries not to take their merit or much less, but because the other countries only had available a kit available in Google Play, by what was not eligible for the distinction. These are the remaining finalists that you can download and play:

  • Paper Wings: (video above) from Turkey comes this game where you take control of a bird of paper that must collect balls in the air while dodging the dangers.
  • Ellipsis: the only German representative is this game of action and puzzle where you will explore its huge universe with minimalist retro style graphics, dodging enemies to keep you alive.
  • PinOut: from Sweden, one of the most cool pinball games that you’ve seen lately, acquaintance probably study Mediocre, which certainly does not live up to its name.
  • power Hover: in this relaxing Finnish game with 3D graphics will take control of robots on hoverboards (of truth, including flying), collecting batteries and avoiding the obstacles.
  • Reigns: do you think you’d be a good monarch? Find out in this curious from United Kingdom.
  • Samorost 3: this mixture of artwork and game type Czech developers of Machinarium graphic adventure and Botanicula needs no introduction, as you already have recently.
  • The Battle of Polytopia: strategy game by shifts of a Swedish study where you must build your city, annihilating your enemies and conquer the world.
  • twofold inc: another Swedish game, in this case a minimalist puzzle game where you must find the way through a grid of coloured blocks.

In addition to the above, other games, also finalists, still they are not available in Google Play. It is the case of Blind Drive (Israel), Casuality (United Kingdom), Lichtspeer (Poland) and Mr Future Ninja (Finland).

All these finalists will take home a Pixel XL phone, the possibility of displaying their play in the final at the Saatchi Gallery in London on 16 February and free advertising for a month in London.