Things You Must Have in Your Makeup Bag

Hi girls! The warm weather has finally arrived and although for the holidays we will have to wait a little ‘nothing prohibits to do some weekend at the beach so as not to arrive in July still white cadaveric!

Things You Must Have in Your Makeup Bag

I live between Brescia and Rome, and often I have to organize my cosmetic bag at best to travel by air without problems .. because I often travel with low cost airlines have to optimize space and weight of clothes and accessories beauty, and now I have become very good and I I learned to take only the bare essentials!

CAUTION : If you are traveling by plane remember that you can carry liquids as long as contained in vials of 100 ml for up to 1 liter total. Tricks and creams must be closed a transparent bag closed tightly (this is especially true for international flights).

Here are my 10  MUST HAVE for the  beauty of the weekend houses :

  1. Cream  in small samples: little space and I take this opportunity to try some brand I do not know, I bring a couple of samples face and a pair of body samples , and are in place
  2. foundation or BB Cream:For a weekend at the beach just a BB Cream (Read: BB Cream, Cream CC, DD Cream: how to choose?) Or a light foundation such as eco-bio  of Avril ( read the review here): so the skin can breathe and not occludiamo pores with parabens and silicones!3. Blush eco-bio Benecos  (read the review here ): I can not give up the blush, but I prefer to use as a foundation for a natural blush without silicones and parabens, so scaldo the complexion without damaging the skin.4. Black pencil or eyeliner: my makeup pass-partout is a black pencil over the eye wire or a thin line of eyeliner, with a little ‘of mascara are perfect without any other5. Mascara: If there is one thing that you just can not miss in my beauty is the mascara! I feel naked without !!! Among my favorites are the mascara I LOVE EXTREME Essence and mascara Maybelline Colossal Go Extreme Black. Instead of vintage makeup bag, you can choose cheap personalized makeup bags.

    6. Lip balm with SPF 20: in my beauty sea never fails lip balm with sunscreen, so I protect my lips and I avoid that screpolino!
    7. Sunscreen:  we have seen in the post tanning: 10 mistakes that ruin the skin as sunscreen is important! So even if we go away just for the weekend, we can not dimenticarcela! If we travel by plane we can pour it into smaller vials of 100 ml For a weekend will be enough!

    8. Wipes cleansing : we have seen in the article as removing make me, my bed-time routine as removing make-up is important, but to bring the cleansing milk and tonic not always possible .. for a weekend we can fall back on wipes! My favorites are the wipes eco-bio aloe

    9. shampoo and bubble bath: not to give up my favorite shampoo and bath foam decanting them into a flanconcino travel. Usually I keep even the shampoo samples found in magazine type Glamour or Cosmopolitan , so I try also one new shampoo! Another alternative are the shampoos and shower gel mini-size

    10.Deodorante mini format: even deodorant best to take mini if we travel by plane or simply if you want to save space

    Here, these are my MUST HAVE for the beauty of weekend Ah! Do not forget your toothbrush!!!! This always happens to me, and so I have to always buy back!  Do you have others to suggest??? A big kiss